TLC Earns Recognition as New Mexico Family-Friendly Workplace

TLC Earns Recognition as New Mexico Family-Friendly Workplace

(ALBUQUERQUE) – TLC earned a distinction for its workplace policies by Family Friendly New Mexico, a statewide project developed to recognize companies that have adopted policies that give New Mexico businesses an edge in recruiting and retaining the best employees.

“TLC has made it a priority to make sure we’re creating a family-friendly work environment for our employees; having these policies means that we’re not only able to attract the highest-quality applicants, but we’re also retaining the talent we already have,” said Dale Armstrong, TLC’s President and CEO.

The Family Friendly New Mexico project has taken a positive approach to transforming workplace policies in the state by offering training and resources on how businesses can adopt more family-friendly policies; awards and recognition for companies that offer their employees family-friendly benefits; and a resource and clearinghouse of information for businesses and community leaders as they develop policies on issues such as paid family leave and help with childcare.

“As we grow the state’s economy, we have the opportunity to be a national leader in offering New Mexicans workplaces that help companies attract and keep the best workers,” said Giovanna Rossi, head of Family Friendly New Mexico. “Implementing family-friendly policies can be a simple, concrete investment a company can make to ensure it can compete for highly qualified employees. Studies have shown that costs associated with creating family-friendly benefits are more than made up for in improved productivity, employee morale and employee retention.”

Armstrong explained that, “taking care of our employees means they’re willing to work hard and give back to the company, as well. We’ve made sure to offer our employees great benefits, like a TLC clinic that only our employees can access, great paid time off, and flexibility in work schedules, just to name a few. We’re also hoping to have an in-house daycare soon.”

Family-friendly policies include a wide range of options that companies can adopt, including providing access to health insurance; paid vacation; making reasonable accommodations for pregnant employees; flexible leave time for parents to attend to their kids’ medical or school needs; paid family leave; and ensuring workplaces have proper breastfeeding space and storage, among many other family-friendly benefits.

The New Mexico Task Force on Work Life Balance has created an online business award called the New Mexico Family Friendly Business Award, to recognize and celebrate New Mexico businesses that have family friendly policies in place, including paid leave, health support, work schedules and economic support. The statewide task force was created by the New Mexico State Legislature in 2010. Any New Mexico business is eligible to apply for the New Mexico Family-Friendly Business award.