How to clear a slow drain

Your drain system is something that largely goes unnoticed until you have a problem, whether it be a slow drain, or a completely clogged drain. Many people will reach for that liquid drain cleaner when they have a slow moving drain. However, we have a better solution for you that is safe and free of harmful chemicals. Lenzyme is different than other drain cleaners because it uses natural enzymes to break down the clog slowing down the drain without damaging your pipes or drain system.

Its important to note that if you have a complete blockage we recommend a professional drain cleaning to get the clog cleared immediately. However, if you have a slow drain that isn’t completely blocked, an enzyme cleaner like Lenzyme will get the drain cleared.

How to clear a slow drain with an enzyme drain cleaner

Lenzyme drain cleaner comes in both powder and liquid, but both work the same way.

How to use powder Lenzyme drain cleaner

  • Step 1: Pour 2 scoops of Lenzyme down the drain that is running slow. For best results, pour down drain at night when drains are not in use.
  • Step 2: Run water down the drain to introduce Lenzyme into the drain system. Make sure no powder is left in the sink. Rinse sink thoroughly.
  • Note: It is not necessary to place Lenzyme in other drains. The bacteria will grow throughout the drain system.

How to use liquid Lenzyme cleaner

  • Step 1: Pour 1 ounce directly down the drain. For best results, use at night when drains aren’t in use.
  • Note: Repeat process each night for 10 days.

How often should you use Lenzyme?

Lenzyme should be used daily for up to 10 days to eliminate the slow drain. The enzyme bacteria will break down the blockage and increase drainage.

What about maintaining my drain?

Lenzyme can be used to maintain your drain system if you have a lot of problems with slow moving drains. To use Lenzyme to prevent drain problems:

  • Lenzyme Powder maintenance: Pour 1 scoop down the drain each month.
  • Lenzyme Liquid maintenance: Pour 2 ounces down the drain each month.
  • For Septic Systems: Pour 10 ounces directly into the toilet and flush immediately. Repeat this process monthly.

Eliminate Odors from Bathroom Sinks

You can also use Lenzyme if you have noticeable odors in your drains. Most homeowners experience odors at the bathroom sinks. Use the steps above to eliminate odors and keep them from returning.

Lenzyme can be used on drains in the kitchen, bathroom sinks, showers or toilets. See our video below with steps and information about using Lenzyme. Interested in purchasing Lenzyme, get a special offer here.

If you have a clogged drain that is completely backed up, it may be time to call a professional plumber for a professional drain cleaning.

How to get Lenzyme

Lenzyme is available for purchase and will be shipped to your home. If you would like to purchase Lenzyme, please give us a call at 505-761-9644. Our office hours are 7am – 5pm, Monday thru Friday.