Water Softeners in Albuquerque


Without notice, your family uses numerous gallons of water a day, and depending on your location in Albuquerque, chances are the water that runs through your home’s plumbing requires a different type of treatment to extend the life of your appliances and your fixtures, glassware stay spot free.

Therefore, it’s important that you take the necessary steps to keep your water clean, safe and refreshing. At TLC Plumbing, we can provide the best treatment to give your home great quality water.

Treatment for Hard Water

Water spots, stains, and grimy build up are only some of the several problems hard water can cause in your home. Over time, hard water can cause damage to your plumbing, even affecting your skin and appliances.

TLC Plumbing has the ability to treat your hard water with a variety of tech-savvy water softeners for your home. Through a strategic water analysis, our water experts can provide the best advice to find you the perfect water softener.

At TLC, we offer state-of-the-art Kinetico water softening treatments. Kinetico water softening treatments from TLC Plumbing offers the best in technology to bring soft water to your home. By using the power of moving water and not electricity, our water softener systems provide low maintenance, on demand regeneration and no timers. It’s easy!

TLC Plumbing Installation Guarantee

At TLC Plumbing, our water treatment experts not only help you choose the best softener, but we also provide a 1-year warranty on all our installations.

Our outstanding and dependable plumbing service will get you the best quality of water your home needs, so contact us today. Skip the hassle and fuss of those ugly water spots, and find refreshing water with TLC Plumbing.

Soft and Hot Water

Don’t forget! This month we can help you keep your water soft and HOT! Get a tank water flush for only $50 or replace your water heater for $100 off! Water heater replacement must total $1200 or more to receive our special offer.

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