Commercial Chiller Maintenance & Repair

New Mexico Chiller Repair & Maintenance Experts

TLC’s Commercial HVAC experts are experienced in repairing and replacing all types of commercial & industrial chillers.

TLC understands that Commercial and Industrial HVAC and processing systems can be complex and we are equipped to handle all of your heating and ventilation needs. With technicians dedicated to commercial and industrial service, you can count on TLC’s team of experts to provide you with excellent service. Our techs are qualified and experienced to repair and maintain water and air chilled chillers for all types of commercial and industrial HVAC systems.

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Expert Chiller Service & Repair

TLC’s qualified commercial HVAC technicians are dedicated to providing our commercial customers with reliable service for all your heating and ventilation systems including chillers.


TLC offers full chiller repairs for vapor-compression and absorption chillers.


TLC’s experts can also perform annual inspections for proper maintenance and operation.


For optimum heat transfer efficiency chiller evaporator and condenser tubes need to be cleaned. As part of our preventive maintenance, we can set a customized cleaning schedule for your chiller.


TLC offers full chiller maintenance as a part of our customized HVAC Preventive maintenance program. You should have your chiller maintained at least once a year.


Most chillers use water for heat transfer, water treatment is needed to prevent scale, corrosion and bacteria growth. TLC provides full-service water treatment for our commercial clients.


TLC is qualified and equipped to replace or retrofit a new chiller system when the time comes to replace your existing chiller.

Full Service Chiller Service:

When it comes to your custom commercial HVAC systems TLC’s team is here to help with service every step. With full service from repairs to maintenance and replacements, you can be sure that your chiller and HVAC system is well maintained.

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