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Signs you need to replace your electrical panel

Your panel needs to be repaired or replaced if:

  • The panel is 100 amp or less
  • The panel makes a buzzing sound
  • The breakers are hot to the touch
  • The panel is either a Federal Pacific or Zinsco brand – this is a sign that your panel is extremely old.
  • The panel has physical damage like rust or water damage
  • The panel cover is missing
  • The panel or your outlets smell like they are burning
  • You add a new large appliance to your home
  • The panel has fuses and not circuit breakers – this is another sign of extreme age
  • The lights in your home are flickering – this has several possible causes, so you should have any lighting problems looked at by TLC’s electricians.
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Our Electrical Panel Replacement Process

1) Schedule your electrical panel replacement

Call us at (505) 761-9644 or contact us online to schedule your appointment. If you are upgrading your electrical panel and want pricing, our team will schedule a time with you to provide a free estimate. If you are experiencing electrical problems, a diagnostic visit is necessary to see if the panel can be repaired instead of replaced.

2) TLC will submit the project to PNM for approval

Replacing your electrical panel requires cooperation from PNM or your local power company. Your TLC electrician will submit the project to the power company and handle the approval process so that you don’t have to.

3) TLC will schedule the project

Once PNM or your power company has approved the project, a day will be scheduled to install the new panel. PNM will need to disconnect your service before the project and reconnect it afterwards. Your TLC electrician will coordinate with you and the power company to find the most convenient day for you.

4) TLC will pull permits and schedule inspections

Your electrician and TLC’s office staff will pull the appropriate permits for your electrical panel replacement. Our team will also help you schedule inspections when the project is completed.

5) Your TLC electrician will replace your electrical panel

Your TLC electrician will remove and dispose of your old panel and install your new electrical panel. Any additional upgrades or electrical service that you requested will be completed at the same time.

6) We make sure you're 100% satisfied

Your satisfaction is our priority. If you are not satisfied with your new electrical panel, TLC will make it right. 100% guaranteed.

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Customer Story in Albuquerque

Electrical Panel Upgrade

Problem: Customer needed outdoor outlets added for an outdoor grill area. Electricians discovered that there was not enough power for what the customer wanted to use outdoors for the new area. Customer would likely be tripping the breaker with the additional power needs outside for their new area.

Solution: Enrique and Elijah evaluated the power needs for the new outdoor space. They installed a dedicated circuit and subpanel for the outdoor electrical needs of the homeowner.


“Enrique and Elijah were very professional and explained every step of the process, making sure I understood what electrical upgrades they would be making. Enrique explained our options and how adding a dedicated circuit would allow us to add the outdoor lights and ceiling fan we wanted for our backyard without tripping any breakers. They worked hard those two days and were very polite and knowledgable. We will definitely hire TLC again for any electrical repairs or upgrades we may need for our home in the future.


Electrical Panel FAQs

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