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When it’s hot outside, Albuquerque homeowners need reliable air conditioning. If your AC won’t start, is blowing warm air, or you’ve seen a sudden spike in energy bills, contact TLC’s licensed and highly trained cooling technicians. We can service any type of AC system (swamp cooler, ductless, refrigerated air, etc.) and we’ll provide a speedy diagnosis and repair options suited to your needs and budget. For convenient scheduling, honest prices, and trustworthy AC advice, contact TLC today. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction!

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Benefits of ductless air conditioners

If you’re looking to install a new AC system, ductless mini-splits provide the following benefits:

Versatility. Have a new addition in need of air conditioning? A ductless mini-split is the perfect solution. You’ll enjoy cooling output beyond the capacity of a window or portable unit.

Ease of installation. Many older homes in Albuquerque weren’t built with ductwork, which makes forced air systems a challenge to install. The good news is that ductless mini-splits can be installed without the need for any air ducts. Instead, you’ll have wall-mounted air handlers that disperse conditioned air in rooms of your choice.

Precision temperature control. With individual cooling zones, ductless ACs allow you to control the temperature of specific rooms or areas of your home. So if someone in your home likes it super cold, while others prefer a higher thermostat setting, everyone in your household can remain comfortable.

Energy efficiency. Because you can cool rooms or spaces based on when you use them, you won’t have to pay to cool your entire home. Moreover, ductless ACs consume less power than refrigerated air conditioners, which is great for saving energy.

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Our Service Process

1) Schedule your free in-home service

To get a free upfront quote on a range of ductless AC systems, call TLC at (505) 761-9644 or contact us online and we’ll schedule a convenient service appointment. During your no-obligation visit, our ductless AC pros will answer all of your questions. We’ll also review warranties, rebates that may be available, and financing options if needed.

2) Find the right AC for your home

At TLC, our only goal is to help you find the right AC for your needs and budget. After assessing your home’s size, energy requirements, comfort preferences, and budget, we’ll walk through all ductless AC options that would serve you best. We never put pressure on customers to choose a specific option, so you can trust that our recommendations are completely honest.

3) We expertly install your new AC

Once you’ve approved the upfront cost estimate, we’ll get straight to work installing your new ductless AC system. Sometimes we can even get started the same day as your estimate! When finished, we’ll clean up our workspace and then make sure you’re comfortable using your new cooling system.

4) We schedule your inspection

At TLC, we make the inspection process simple and stress-free. We’ll coordinate with the City of Albuquerque on your behalf, and you can rest easy knowing that all labor we’ve completed is safe and code-compliant.

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Customer story in Albuquerque

TLC's comprehensive installation leaves this homeowner glad they hired us

Problem: When Jeff D’s air conditioner was nearing its end, he decided to update it with a high-efficiency ductless heat pump. He contacted TLC’s friendly customer service team and we scheduled a free in-home estimate to review all of Jeff’s options. He was also looking to replace his gas water heater with an electric model, so we planned to review his water heater options during the same visit.

Solution: Within just two days, TLC had all work completed. From the upfront estimate to the final inspection, we provided clear pricing, thorough communication, and seamless coordination of both his new ductless heat pump and electric water heater installations. Moreover, we ensured all work was up to code, including a new electrical circuit to safely power the ductless heat pump’s air handlers. Jeff is thrilled with the results and couldn’t be happier that he chose TLC to get the job done right.


““We had TLC replace our old air conditioner with a heat pump and our gas water heater with an electric model. The work they did was excellent, taking two days to complete the project. They brought everything up to code and installed an additional electrical circuit to power the new air handler, using an existing conduit through which to run the line, thus minimizing the impacts to the walls. They also cleaned up the garage and installed a new thermostat. TLC did an excellent job and we are very pleased with their work.””


Ductless Mini-Split FAQs

Below, TLC’s cooling experts answer some common questions we receive about ductless air conditioners in Albuquerque. If you need an urgent repair or want a free quote on a new installation, call TLC at (505) 761-9644 or schedule online.

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