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An undetected water leak in your home can cause more than a few headaches - it could lead to major water damage and costly repairs.
TLC takes the guesswork out of these leaks. Our experienced leak locators use sonar technology to detect leaks in your home.

TLC has highly trained and experienced plumbers dedicated to water leak detection services. Our leak detectors use the latest technology to pinpoint even the most hidden leaks in your home or business.

Why Choose TLC for Leak Detection?

  • Plumbers dedicated solely to leak detection
  • Use sonar leak detection technology
  • Able to locate and repair any type of leak you have.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

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We can locate the toughest leaks

TLC's leak detection experts are experienced in detecting all types of leaks in homes and businesses in Albuquerque & Rio Rancho. When you suspect a leak don't hesitate call our team of experts to find the source of your leak fast.

Types of leaks we locate:

Water Leak Detection
Our plumbers are trained and experienced to locate water leaks when there is no visible source of a leak.

Slab Leak Detection
A slab leak is a leak in water line that is underneath the slab of your home. TLC's plumbers used sonar equipment to locate the leak in the slab so it can be repaired.

Pool Leak Detection
TLC's leak detection experts can also locate leaks in pools. We use sonar technology to locate leaks in pools.
Leak Detection Services In Albuquerque NM

Signs you have a water leak

There are a few common signs we see when there is a leak in your home. Here are a few indicators that you may have a leak. If you have any of the following call TLC for service at (505) 761-9644.

High water bills – An unusually high water bill or a letter from the water authority indicates you probably have a leak. This is the most common call we get from customers who need to have a leak detected in their home.

Warm spots on floor – A warm spot on the floor usually is a sign that you have a hot water leak underneath the slab. Our leak detection experts can use our equipment to locate the leak so it can be repaired.

Mold or mildew smells – If you have a moldy or mildew smell and can’t find the source it is time to call TLC to help locate the leak and get it repaired.

Hear water running – Whether you hear water running in your walls or hear water in your pipes even when you’re not running water, this usually means you have a water leak somewhere.

Wet spots – If you find wet spots in or outside your home, you likely have a pipe leak or a break somewhere in your plumbing system.

Low water pressure – Water leaks are a common source of water pressure issues. If you are experiencing water pressure issues you may have a leak.

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Customer Story in Albuquerque

TLC locates water leak after customer receives high water bill

Problem: When Albuquerque homeowner Ron T., received a water bill for over $700 he realized he likely had a leak.  He called TLC right away to have a plumber come out and locate the leak.

Solution: Jeff came out and used the infrared sonic leak detection equipment and located the leak under the home. Once he pinpointed the leak he gave Ron options for repair. Jeff arranged for one of TLC’s plumbers Jack to come to the home and repair the leak. Jack and his assistant had to cut open the concrete slab under the home to repair the leak.  After repairing the leak and cleaning up the area Ron was happy to see that his water bill went back down to $90.


I received a huge water bill ($767.00) and it was apparent that I had a leak…SOMEWHERE! I contacted TLC to come out and see if they could come out and find the leak. First Jeff T. came out and found the leak in short order using some sophisticated infrared and sonic listening devices to pinpoint the leak under the house. He then scheduled Jack C. and his assistant to come out, open up the concrete floor to find the actual leak. I might add that I have wood floors throughout the house and Jeff, Jack and their assistant took great care to protect them from dirt and concrete damage by placing drop cloths from the work area to the front door and beyond. Thank you and cuddos to TLC for your fine service, caring attitude, and your promptness in finding and fixing the underground leak at my home. Now my monthly water bill is back to only $90.


Leak Detection FAQs

When you have a water leak in your home or get a high water bill you may have a lot of questions. Here are some of the most common frequently asked questions about leak detection.

TLC Leak Detection Service Area

TLC offers 24-hour leak detection services for your plumbing emergency needs. When you have a leak turn to the trusted experts at TLC Plumbing.

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