When is the Best Time to Start Using my Swamp Cooler?


Chico Apachito, Your HVAC Expert

Chico Apachito TLC HVAC Technician

Chico has lived his whole life in New Mexico. He grew up in Alamo on the Navajo Reservation, graduated high school in Magdalena, and has been in the Albuquerque-Los Lunas area for the last 11 years. He is happily married, and he and his wife are raising four kiddos together. They love being outside and doing extended family events.

Chico has been with TLC since 2016 and is a valuable part of our HVAC installation team. He holds his Journeyman Gasfitters license as well as his EPA Universal Certificates I & II. He took a few minutes to share with us his thoughts on when to switch over from your furnace to your swamp cooler.

When Should You Start Running Your Swamp Cooler?

Chico suggests waiting as long as you possibly can to start using your swamp cooler. Spring temperatures in New Mexico start to rise as early as March, but it’s not uncommon to have a sudden freeze (sometimes more than one) as late as Memorial Day. This isn’t just bad news for outdoor plants, but bad news for swamp coolers also.

Water is a big part of your swamp cooler. Freezing temperatures can cause the water in your lines to freeze and expand – maybe causing lines to break! Since many swamp coolers are on the roof, this can cause water damage. That is why Chico’s advice is to wait as long as you can to start your swamp cooler.

It’s okay to start your swamp cooler sooner if you absolutely can’t stand it. You just need to be aware of the risk and keep a close eye on it. If there’s an unexpected freeze, check your swamp cooler lines right away for breaks and leaks.

Should You Run Your Furnace and Swamp Cooler Together?

It’s not uncommon for folks to run their furnace at night and their swamp cooler during the day. Chico says this is not a good idea! Most furnaces and swamp coolers share the same ductwork (or ventilation shafts). There is a damper that is put in place to keep the two systems separate. If you remove the damper and run the two through the same ductwork on the same day, you risk causing damage to your furnace.

Swamp coolers use water evaporation to cool the air. The evaporation makes the air in your home more humid. If there isn’t a damper in place, this humid air gets into your furnace, causing rust. Rust breaks down the integrity of your furnace and leads to carbon monoxide leaks.

Schedule Your Swamp Cooler Start-Up Ahead of Time

It’s a good idea to go ahead and schedule your swamp cooler start-up for a later date. The moment temperatures soar, everyone will be trying to schedule appointments at the same time. We suggest booking your appointment early. You can choose whatever future date you would like and have peace of mind that your swamp cooler will be ready before it gets too hot. Schedule your swamp cooler start-up today.

We’re Here for Your Spring Cooling Needs

Whether you start up your cooler at the first sign of summer or you wait until the last minute, TLC’s expert HVAC technicians (like Chico) are here for you 24/7. Give us a call at 505-761-9644 or schedule online.