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Smelling gas in your home is a sign that you might have a gas leak. If you think you have a gas leak in your home, contact the New Mexico Gas Company (NMGC) immediately. NMGC will come out and read the meter to see if you have a leak. If a leak is detected, NMGC will have you contact a licensed plumber, like TLC plumbing, to help you get it fixed. The gas to your home will be turned off and the meter removed by the gas company to ensure safety of the home. There will be no natural gas coming into the house at this point.

Because gas is naturally flammable, a leak can be extremely dangerous and needs to be fixed immediately. TLC Plumbing has licensed plumbers that are available 24-hours a day to help Albuquerque homeowners find gas leaks and repair them.

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Signs you may have a gas leak

As a common source of heat and energy in Albuquerque homes, homeowners should be aware of the signs of a gas leak:

  • Sulfur-like smell that won't go away
  • Breeze-like movement on the floor
  • Hissing sounds near your gas appliances
  • A higher than normal gas bill
  • Dead or dying plants in your home

If you suspect a gas leak in your home, it is important to contact an experienced professional as soon as possible to protect your health and safety. If you can do so, shut off the gas and evacuate to an area free from the harmful fumes.

Gas Leak Detection In Furnace In Albuquerque

Gas Leak Detection FAQs

Gas leaks are very serious, here are some common questions homeowners may have about gas leak detection.

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TLC Plumbing has been providing homes with plumbing services in Albuquerque and the surrounding area for over 35 years. TLC’s licensed plumbers can detect gas leaks in your home and help you to repair or replace your gas line safely. TLC Plumbing offers gas leak detection services in the following:

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