5 Spring Swamp Cooler Tips

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Lenny Sanchez, Your HVAC Expert

Lenny is a true blue New Mexican, born and raised right here in Albuquerque. He and his daughter Jaylyn are very close, and he’s helping her chase her gymnastic dreams! In his spare time, Lenny enjoys snowboarding and riding bikes. He started working in the field as young as 15 years old with his grandpa and is now a licensed Journeyman in Refrigeration and Gas-fitting. He’s a great addition to our team here at TLC!

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Lenny’s 5 Swamp Cooler Tips

Many New Mexico homes are cooled by swamp coolers. They work well in our dry climate, making them a popular choice. Swamp coolers need to be winterized in the fall and started up in the spring. Lenny shared four important tips for making sure your swamp cooler is started up correctly.

1. Use an Outside Water Source

Swamp coolers use moisture to cool your home. This moisture is supplied to cooling pads by water lines. Lenny suggests that you only use outside water sources for these lines. If your water source is inside and your line springs a leak, you risk severe water damage to your home. Lenny says that major water leaks can cost $5,000 – $7,000 above and beyond what insurance covers! The safest bet is to use an outdoor water supply.

2. Replace Parts Every Year for Increased Efficiency

Everyone wants their swamp cooler to work efficiently for two main reasons: it keeps your house cooler, and it saves money on water. Lenny says that a great way to boost your swamp cooler’s efficiency is to replace the pump, pads, and float every year. This helps you get the best out of your swamp cooler during the hot summer months. He suggests you get a professional to do this for you. If you are a Preventive Maintenance Agreement member with TLC, this is included in your spring visit.

3. Consider Water Treatment

A staggering 95% of New Mexico homes have hard water. This means the water has a high concentration of calcium and other minerals in it. Though not harmful to humans, it’s hard on water appliances and fixtures, like pipes, sinks, dishwashers, and of course swamp coolers. The calcium builds up on the swamp cooler and over time causes damage and lowers efficiency. Lenny suggests using a water treatment system to help prolong the life of your swamp cooler. Check out TLC’s water treatment options today.

4. Get Your Furnace Shut Down and Inspected

It can be tempting to keep using your furnace after you start up your swamp cooler. Let’s face it, New Mexico springs are fickle: the days are hot, and the nights are cool. It doesn’t seem like a bad idea to run your swamp cooler during the day and your furnace at night, but it is.

Lenny explains it like this: swamp coolers use moisture to cool your home. Furnaces are made of metal. When the furnace is not shut down and closed off, the moist air from the swamp cooler gets into the heat exchanger and motor and rusts it out. It can damage the integrity of your furnace, meaning more repairs and maybe even early replacement.

Pro Tip: Lenny knows how hard the heating season can be on your furnace. He strongly encourages that you get your furnace professionally shut down and inspected so that you know exactly what state it’s in. This gives you the whole summer to plan ahead if the furnace needs to be repaired or replaced at the start of the next heating season.

5. Get Professional Swamp Cooler Maintenance

There is great value in having professional maintenance done on your swamp cooler. It prolongs the life of your equipment, keeps it running efficiently, and gives you peace of mind. TLC’s team of HVAC technicians is here to help you get your swamp cooler and furnace squared away for spring!

Pro Tip: It’s too early to turn on your swamp cooler, but it’s not too early to get on the schedule! Most people wait until it’s hot to schedule their swamp cooler startup. This can cause long wait times for service. You can beat the rush if you get on the schedule today.

The heat is on its way but armed with these tips, you will be ready. If you have any questions about your swamp cooler, feel free to ask us. You can also book your spring cooling startup today. Request service or give us a call at 505-761-9644.