Breezair Swamp Coolers Offer Superior Cooling

Breezair marketing image with light bulb

The summer heat is here and the temps are starting to soar! Are you worried about how well your swamp cooler will cool your home as the temperatures start to rise? Or is this the year you replace or upgrade your cooler? Maybe you’re thinking about refrigerated air but want to explore your air conditioning options? Let us introduce you to Breezair, the newest technology in evaporative cooling. Breezair coolers offer comparable temperatures to refrigerated air at 40-50% of the installation costs.

What is a Breezair Swamp Cooler?

A Breezair cooler is an evaporative cooler that features advanced technology and a range of unique design features that combine to achieve the highest cooling performance of any swamp cooler. If you’re considering upgrading your old swamp cooler, you may want to take a closer look at the Breezair cooler. This new cooler offers superior cooling to any other swamp cooler on the market, even comparable cooling capabilities to refrigerated air conditioners. Don’t settle for a hot home, check out the Breezair features below:

  • Intelligent water management system can electronically monitor water quality and maintains cooling efficiency by detecting water impurities and drains this water before the minerals can build up. Because of this monitoring system, the cooler increases cooling effectiveness and ensures optimum performance of the pads. Since the system prevents buildup, it also decreases maintenance. This is a great feature for Albuquerque residents with hard water.
  • Maximizes cooling efficiency with the non-clogging water distribution system, which maintains perfect pad saturation and cooling.
  • Unique durable pads that provide maximum cooling. Their honeycomb design with water distribution header block optimizes cooling effectiveness. Plus, the durable design outlasts competitive products.
  • Electrical cost as little as a light bulb. Breezair coolers have a super efficient HushPower motor that uses approximately as much energy as a 60 watt light bulb. That’s up to 40% less electricity than standard swamp coolers and up to 90% less electricity than refrigerated air conditioning.
  • Variable Speed Control. Breezair coolers offer variable speed control so you can get better control of your cooling, unlike standard swamp coolers.

Breezair Coolers Have Superior Cooling Capabilities

Breezair coolers are capable of providing up to 33 degrees of cooling at 10% humidity, and 23 degrees of cooling at 100-degree outdoor temperatures with 30% humidity. This means that if its 100 degrees outside and humidity levels are at 10-20%, you can still keep a temperature of approximately 70 degrees inside your home!


Breezair coolers are a great option for your New Mexico home in Albuquerque or Santa Fe.