Hot Water Air Handlers



Hot water air handler heaters aren’t very common in the Albuquerque area. However, some green home builders have used these types of heating systems in areas around the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho area. TLC’s HVAC technicians are qualified to repair and replace these types of heating systems. If you are having problems with your air handler heating system TLC is always open with 24-hour emergency service we’re always here for you. Turn to TLC to keep you warm and comfortable throughout the winter.

Common Air Handler Heating Problems

Since the heating system is connected to your water heater the problems and repairs that arise are going to vary compared to other heating systems. They are not necessarily worse they are just different types of repairs. If you’re experiencing problems with your heat system call TLC today.

Thermostat Failure

Thermostat failure is common in air handler heaters and cannot be replaced with any type of thermostat. There are specific aqua thermostats that are needed to operate this type of heater.

Water Pump Problems

The water pump provides the heat for your system, if it fails it will not be pumping hot water through the heating coil, resulting in no heat.

Check Valve Malfunction

If the valve malfunctions you’ll get heat gain in the spring and summer months because the valve is allowing hot water to flow through the coil during the cooling cycle.