Why is my toilet always clogged?

Image of a guy about to plunge a toilet

A clogged toilet happens to everyone on occasion, but if it happens to you all the time, you may need to set the plunger aside and look for the root problem. There are many things that can cause your toilet to clog frequently. Here are 8 common reasons your toilet is always backed up:

8 Common Reasons your Toilet Keeps Backing Up

1. Flushing too much at once

The first thing to look at is the amount of paper and waste you are flushing at one time. Maybe you are already careful about it, but if you have kids they may be using too much paper. Teach them to not use too much paper and not to put anything else, like toys, in the toilet.

Toys In Toilet 300x3002. Objects stuck in the toilet

Our plumbers have found some interesting things in toilets. Toys, diapers and feminine products are some common items that cause clogs. If an item gets dropped into the toilet by accident, do not flush it! Flushing objects like this can make a frustrating situation even worse.

3. The toilet is too old

If you have an old toilet, it might back up regularly because it is not working correctly. A few new parts might be the answer, but chances are that it needs to be replaced. There are lots of new and affordable toilet options out there. TLC’s trusted plumbers can help you decide if your toilet needs a new part or if it needs to be replaced. They can also help you choose a new toilet that is right for you.

4. Not enough water in the tank

Another possible reason your toilet gets clogged is that there is not enough water in the tank. This is probably because the fill valve has been adjusted to use less water. A simple fix is to open the valve to allow more water into the tank. If you’re concerned about saving water, you may want to consider purchasing a new toilet that is designed to use less water, such a dual flush toilet.

Clogged Drain Tree Root

5. Tree roots growing into the pipes

Tree roots are another cause of consistent toilet clogs. The roots can work their way into the pipes in your yard and can cause backups in your drain line. In some cases it can even cause major pipe damage.

6. Calcium build up from hard water

Hard water is a problem for most New Mexicans. Our water is rich in magnesium, calcium and iron. Not only can it make your water taste bad but it can also damage your toilet. As the water flows into the toilet bowl, the minerals – especially calcium – stick to the jets. Over time this can clog them, which causes less water to flow and makes your toilet back up more easily.

Duel Flush Toilet Button

7. Using the wrong button on dual flush toilets

Dual flush toilets come with two “flush” buttons or settings. One is to be used when flushing liquid waste and the other is for flushing solid waste. If you need to flush solid waste and you press the liquid waste button, there may not be enough force to get it through the system. Make sure you use the correct button or flush setting.

8. The mainline is blocked

If your mainline is clogged, it can definitely back up your toilet and probably other drains too. If your home has drain cleanouts, finding and fixing this issue should be fairly simple for your plumber. But you should call an experience plumber who knows how to clear drain problems. TLC has a dedicated group of technicians who only respond to drain problems and emergencies. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Clogs happen to everyone, but it shouldn’t happen all of the time. TLC’s professional plumbers can help you avoid this problem again by finding the cause and fixing it. Schedule a service call today.