Baseboard Heating Systems



If you have baseboard heaters throughout your home, you likely have a hot water baseboard system. This means that the water is heated from a boiler and circulated throughout the system in your home. If you only have a few baseboard heaters in certain rooms you could have an electric baseboard heating system.

Baseboard Heater

Types of Baseboard Heaters

Whether you have hot water or electric baseboard heaters both types of systems are considered radiant heat systems and warm the room by convection. Meaning they are typically installed underneath windows and draw up the cold air near the floor, warming it up and releasing it back in the room. This cycle continues until the room reaches the desired temperature then the heater shuts off.

Hot Water Baseboard Heaters

Hot water baseboard heaters are energy efficient and provide comfortable heating in your home. However, there is some regular maintenance recommended for the boiler that supplies the hot water.

Electric Baseboard Heaters

Electrical baseboard heaters are highly inefficient to heat an entire home, but are good supplemental heating for individual rooms like a kitchen, bathroom or room additions.

Why Install a Baseboard Heating System?

TLC can add electric baseboard heaters to provide a little extra warmth to a colder room. Usually, they are installed on the coldest wall of a room in a home or business as a supplemental heating source for a room or bathroom. They are also a good option for a small room addition or expansion that needs additional heating because there is no ductwork needed or larger furnace to accommodate the added space. Here are some other features:

Require Little Space

In comparison to other heating systems, they are much smaller and can be installed almost anywhere.


Baseboard heaters warm the room through convection, they don’t have the noise of a blower pushing warm air through the room like a furnace.

Easy To Install

Doesn’t require any additional ductwork or the removal of any that exists. Depending on the model, your baseboard heater usually mounts directly to the wall or floor.