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TLC offers professional, quality water softener repair in Albuquerque & surrounding areas. Our experienced plumbers specialize in providing top-notch repair services for all types and brands of water softeners including Kinetico Water Softeners.

We understand how frustrating it can be when your water softener suddenly stops working. Hard water can cause mineral buildup in pipes, damage appliances, and leave unsightly stains on your fixtures.  TLC is committed to repairing your water softener quickly and efficiently, so you can enjoy the benefits of soft water in no time.

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Signs your water softener needs repair

If you notice a drop in water pressure or unusual noises come from your water softener, it's time to call TLC Plumbing. Other signs that could indicate a problem with your softener are:
  • Water is leaking around softener
  • Lose water pressure in home
  • Unit is not using any salt and water isn't soft
  • Salk tank overflowing
  • Can't feel the soft water (soap is not sudding up, spots on dishes and glasses aren't clean).
  • You constantly hear water running and the unit is draining constantly.
  • Potassium has turned to a block
  • Resin beads in the house (see them in toilets and plugs up faucet screens).

Kinetico Water Softener Maintenance

The Kinetico Water Softener is relatively easy to use and requires little maintenance. The most important is keeping your softener filled with salt or potassium. The video below shows you how to fill your softener with salt.

The only other maintenance that needs to be done is to change the pre-filter. The pre-filter should be changed every 6-8 months if you are on city water and more frequently if you have a private well. You can tell when it's time to replace the filter when the center has a dark ring as indicated in the photo.

You can purchase and pick up filters at our office for your Kinetico Water Softener.

How to maintain your Kinetico Water Softener

The videos below show you how to maintain your Kinetico Water System. One video shows you how to change your pre-filter and the other video shows you how to refill your brine tank with salt.

Water Softener Repair FAQS

These are common questions homeowners have about water softeners.

Expert Water Softener Repair in Albuquerque

TLC is your water softener repair expert. When you have a problem with your softener TLC is here for you.

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