Get to Know Your Heater


albuquerque-furnace-in-garageHow well do you know your heater? There are probably more types of heating out there than you think. TLC Plumbing looks at the variety of heaters in New Mexico homes and their benefits. Also, it’s good to know what type of heater you have if you ever need service or repairs.

Types of Heaters

Forced Air Furnaces

Furnaces are the most popular heating system in Albuquerque. Furnaces require regular service and filter changes in order to operate efficiently.

Different varieties of furnaces include:

  • Gas Furnaces – these furnace types require a pilot light to be lit in order to deliver heat and can be controlled manually or with a thermostat
  • Electric Furnaces – this type of furnace uses electricity to generate heat and distribute it throughout the home

Radiant In-Floor Heating

Some Albuquerque homeowners enjoy the pleasure of waking up in the morning to a warm floor! Radiant in-floor heating uses a network of pipes and a hot water pump to create heat that radiates throughout the floor. In-floor heating requires a boiler, which is able to create a higher temperature of water than your hot water heater.

Boilers are typically located in the garage.

Baseboard Heating

If your home has heaters located towards the floor, you probably have baseboard heating. Also known as strip heaters, these heating systems use a boiler or electricity to heat rooms. They are often placed below windows because they use the process of convection to warm air. This means that they transform the cold air from the window into warm air through the circulation of air.

Baseboard heaters are very quiet and require no duct work. They’re a great idea for supplemental heat or for smaller rooms in your house that get a little chilly in the winter.

Hot Water Air Handlers

For the environmentally conscious homeowner, there are hot water air handlers that can be used to heat your home. These systems use the hot water from your water heater and reintegrate it into your home with heat transference. Because it is created with water, the heat is softer and not as dry as the air created by forced air furnaces.

Things you Should Know

Most homes in the Albuquerque area have gas furnaces. Furnaces can be located in the garage, hall closet and/or attic of a home. Most homes have either one or two furnaces.

Wall Furnaces

Wall furnaces can also be found homes in Albuquerque. These units are installed in the walls in the common area of the home.

Floor Furnaces

A floor furnace is usually located in the common area of a home and has a metal grate on the floor where the heat is radiated out.

Maximize Heater Efficiency This Winter

At TLC Plumbing, our technicians are certified to work on any type of heater. Whether your furnace needs an inspection or you want to upgrade your heating system, TLC can help you maximize your heating efficiency this winter. Contact us today!