Attic Fans


If you have an attic in your home you now have the option to increase the cooling effectiveness of your swamp cooler or reduce energy costs if you have refrigerated air.

TLC is proud to announce that we have teamed up with Quiet Cool to offer attic fans and whole house fan systems. While TLC has always been able to install attic fans we haven’t teamed up to be a dealer with a specific brand until now.

Your attic is the hottest part of your home and retains the most heat in the summer. Your attic is the most exposed area to the sun and since heat rises it stays trapped in the attic. Internal temperatures can reach more than 110 degrees on a typical summer day. When your home retains this heat in the attic it prevents your swamp cooler from reducing the temperature of your overall home. An attic fan will pull the hot air out of the attic and push it outdoors. This can reduce the temperature in your attic by 50 degrees.

The great thing about the Quiet Cool Fans is that they can be used with both swamp coolers and central air conditioning. You can use an attic fan to remove hot air from the attic and you can use the whole house fan to reduce the temperature of your entire home and make your cooling system more effective. To learn more about these fans please contact our professionals. Our experts are happy to help you find an option that works best for you and your home.

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How an attic fan works

An attic fan is used to remove hot air from the attic space. Its whole purpose is to exhaust the hot air trapped in your attic. When the attic temperature heats up on hot days the hot air remains trapped in the home, making your home like an oven. As your swamp cooler air conditioner attempts to cool the home it remains difficult to cool the core temperature of the home when the heat is trapped in the attic. When you have an attic fan you reduce the temperature of your attic by up to 50 degrees. While this will not necessarily improve the cooling effectiveness of your air conditioning system it will provide better overall efficiency of the cooling system by reducing the load.

Attic fans can be installed to be controlled by a thermostat. When the attic reaches a certain temperature it will run until it cools. This allows for it to run periodically throughout the day or night as needed to control the attic temperature. Attic fans are easily installed in your home and roof. TLC’s professionals are experienced in installing these systems in all types of homes and attics. The attic fan we install from Quiet Cool requires an electrical connection but we have licensed electricians to assist if additional power is needed to the attic. The Quiet Cool Attic Fan we recommend comes with a 15-year warranty and requires no regular maintenance by the homeowner.

Attic Fan Vs. Whole House Fan

TLC offers both attic fans and whole house fans.

While these fan systems are both installed in the attic they are two types of systems and have two different functions. Whole house fans help cool the home/living space as well as the attic, whereas the attic fan only helps cool the attic. Whole house fans are traditionally designed to be used with central air conditioning but can be used in homes with swamp coolers.


A whole house fan is a ventilation system that helps create an “active breeze” and refreshes the air in your entire home within 3 minutes of being turned on. This breeze pulls all the stagnant hot air out of your home, and brings cooler air in. This is an excellent way to improve your air conditioner’s energy efficiency. Removing hot stale air from your home and circulating cooler air in your home you reduce your energy usage by up to 90%. The fan system comes with easy to operate controls and it is recommended that anytime it is cooler outside than inside you open your windows and run the whole home fan. During summer months in New Mexico, this typically happens in the late afternoon into early evening and overnight. You can run the fan when you get home from work and the active breeze will begin immediately.

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Why Choose TLC

TLC is a local authorized Quiet Cool Dealer and can install and repair these attic fans and systems. If you would like to learn more about these fan systems call our professionals for a free in-home evaluation or use our ask a pro feature for additional questions about these energy efficient cooling systems. Our goal is to always provide our customers with the latest options in energy efficient heating and cooling options for homes and businesses. All of the Quiet Cool systems we install come with a 15 year warranty