TLC Scores More Than 100 New Journeyman Licenses In 2022

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TLC is excited to announce that in the Year 2022, more than 60 technicians became licensed Journeyman, together earning more than 100 licenses. These technicians have put in many hours gaining experience and studying for their Journeyman exams. Licenses that have been earned by TLC technicians this year include but are not limited to: B01, B02, JP, JG, JR, LPs, MMs, EE98J, and ER1J.

TLC founder Dale Armstrong believes that providing education and training for employees is key to fulfilling TLC’s purpose, which is to improve the quality of life for employees and the community as a whole. He often jokes that he’s not worried about training people and having them leave. He’s worried about failing to train them and having them stay.

“My goal is to provide every employee with the opportunity to reach their full potential. TLC hopes to become the most sought-after trades employer in the United States.”
Chico Apachito
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Zeke Tapia

TLC seeks to hire and develop the most licensed and skilled technicians to effectively serve New Mexico’s communities.

TLC aims to meet these goals by providing licensing opportunities for any employee willing to put in the effort to gain the required experience, attend classes, and pass the Journeyman exam. TLC’s training team engages in a detailed process of coaching and meeting with technicians to identify their licensing goals and match them to available training resources.

Education and career pathways are not limited to Journeyman licenses. TLC also offers programs for employees to earn their CDL or Heavy Equipment Operator licenses. Each of these training efforts is supported by a dedicated training department, which includes two full-time trainers, one success coach, an on-site training lab, and multiple in-house opportunities for test prep, continuing education, and advanced trades courses.

TLC is a diverse business grounded in plumbing and infrastructure services for residential and commercial clients. TLC’s service division provides plumbing, heating, cooling, electrical and drain repair, maintenance, and installation services to a broad customer base in Central New Mexico. TLC’s heavy commercial and industrial service department focuses on providing customized HVAC and mechanical services for businesses throughout the state. TLC’s construction division offers a range of infrastructure services, including utilities, earthwork, concrete, paving, and wastewater treatment facility construction.

TLC is committed to helping each employee reach their full potential in the workplace. This will help make New Mexico a better place both now and in the future. For information on career opportunities at TLC, visit

If you would like more information on this topic or about this company, or to schedule an interview with Dale Armstrong or TLC’s training manager, Lisa Knapp, please contact Amanda Filip at (505) 449-5597 or at