Why Choose A Kinetico Water Softener?


The question we get frequently from customers is why should I buy Kinetico instead of a system from a home improvement store. Buying a softener can be a very hard choice and with so many options out there and so many misleading claims or warranties it can certainly be a tough choice. For us, there is no question on which system is the best. Our water in Albuquerque is extremely hard so you need a system that is going to work well and last!

Kinetico is non-electric

So there is no worry that if the power goes off it will stop working. The electric systems on the market will stop working when the power goes off and when it does come back on the system has to be reset so that it will regenerate when it is supposed to. This can be as simple as just resetting the time or you may have to call someone and have it serviced because the computer has so many settings. This is not the case with a Kinetico system since it is powered by your water.

Kinetico is a dual tank system

Since it is a true dual tank system you will always have soft water. Most systems on the market have to regenerate in the middle of the night for 2 or 3 hours, not so with Kinetico. For example, the Premier S650 only takes 12 minutes and will only regenerate when you are using water. The reason the other systems regenerate in the middle of the night is because if you are using the water while it is cycling you will get brine water in your home and no one wants salty water. Having dual tanks is the only way to ensure that you have soft water at all times, the other systems on the market have to set a percentage of the resin bed used to be a buffer. The problem with that is if the resin bed is set at 80% and you wake up in the morning having already used 75% you run the danger of using over 100% before the system has had a chance to regenerate that night. When this happens you end up with hard water in the house ruining everything the soft water is designed to take care of. You now have hard water in your hot water heater and any appliances that you have run before the softener can regenerate. With Kinetico this never happens as we can use 100% of the bed in both tanks and it will only regenerate as needed.

 Kinetico is the most efficient system on the market

The Kinetico Premier Series S650 uses only 1 pound of salt per regeneration, while most of the systems on the market can use up to 12 pounds. Kinetico also only uses 7 gallons of water per regeneration whereas some others use up to 50 gallons during regeneration. The fact that we live in the Southwest and water being such a precious resource this is a great reason to choose a Kinetico Water System.

Kinetico has an excellent warranty

The Premier series comes with a 10-year warranty covering all parts on the unit. Most other water softeners typically have a 1-year warranty or only cover some parts of their systems.