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Fall is here is your furnace ready?

Fall weather can be unpredictable in New Mexico and the weather can cool down very quickly. It is time to get your furnace inspected and tuned up for winter.

Turn to TLC’s heating experts to not only start your furnace but thoroughly inspect your heating system to ensure your family’s comfort and safety this winter. Along with getting your heater ready, we can also winterize your swamp cooler. TLC also offers customized preventive maintenance programs for your home’s plumbing, heating, cooling, & electrical systems. Protect your home and avoid unexpected frustrations and emergencies knowing that TLC is here to protect your home’s essential comfort systems.

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Why is a furnace inspection so important?

Many of us take our heating and cooling system for granted. We expect it to work with the flip of a switch and to provide us comfort on demand. However, these are electronic equipment with motors, fans, belts, etc. Maintenance is vital to its performance.

Maintaining Comfort Levels

Having a heating system in your home is vital to your comfort especially during our New Mexico winters when temperatures can drop fast. Most homeowners in Albuquerque know that the start of Balloon Fiesta is usually the time the temperatures start getting colder and it is time to get your furnace up and running. When you know that your furnace is operating properly you can have peace of mind knowing your family will be comfortable all winter. An annual furnace inspection and tune-up will ensure that your heating system is ready to heat your home according to your comfort needs. Don’t get left out in the cold take control of your comfort levels and ensure your family is warm and cozy this winter. Whether you have a furnace or radiant heat system maintenance is vital to maintaining comfortable temperatures.

Prevent Unexpected Repairs

Many of the furnace repairs we see are due to lack of maintenance. You can avoid many unexpected heating problems by performing scheduled maintenance. Unexpected repairs can be costly and leaving you in need of urgent service to get your heat working properly. Avoid these frustrations and emergency repairs by having a thorough inspection by an HVAC professional. Often times an inspection can identify minor issues before they cause big problems. Also, if dirt and dust builds up on your flame sensors it will cause your system to shutdown for safety reasons. In many cases lack of maintenance can void your furnace warranty as well.

Ensure Safe Operation

Home fires and carbon monoxide poisoning are very common during winter months. You should always ensure that your heating system is working properly for your family’s comfort and safety. A proper professional inspection can check for potential safety issues and hazards. Make sure you have a heating repair professional evaluate and inspect the unit. Often times homeowner’s don’t know till there is a problem until they smell gas or their furnace won’t turn on. If you smell gas, make sure to evacuate the home immediately and call the Gas Company. The gas company will come evaluate the issue. If there is a problem with your furnace they may red tag it meaning they will shut it down until it can be repaired by a qualified HVAC professional. Our TLC professionals are qualified to handle these type of emergency repairs and are available 24 hours a day to respond to these issues. If you suspect a safety problem with your furnace call a professional right away. Explore more safety tips here.

TLC Furnace Inspection & Tune Up

TLC is committed to keeping your family safe and warm all winter. TLC offers an extensive furnace inspection and tune-up to maximize your heating system’s performance this winter. Included in our maintenance our technicians will perform the following maintenance and system checks:

Change Filters

Filters need to be replaced at the beginning of each heating season and TLC recommends you replace at least twice a season to keep your furnace running smoothly and efficiently. We’ll replace your furnace filters as part of our inspection and annual maintenance. A dirty filter can reduce air flow and cause unexpected heating failure.

Clean Flame Sensors

The flame sensors ensure that the burners are working properly. Due to the location of the burners, it does require a professional to clean these sensors prior to the start of each season. If the sensors become too dusty and dirty the burners will not be able to start and the furnace will cycle on and off until the issue is repaired.

Proper Operation

TLC will do an overall inspection on all controls including ensuring the electrical connections are secure and inspect the heat exchanger for cracks and problems as part of the overall tune up.

Carbon Monoxide Test

An annual Carbon Monoxide is recommended to ensure that your furnace can safely be operated. The system will be tested with a calibrated CO testing device. Unlike your home carbon monoxide detectors, our CO detectors are calibrated every year to ensure proper testing

Thermostat Controls

TLC will inspect and check the thermostat to ensure that it is regulating the temperature in the home correctly and controlling the furnace properly. It is also a good time to change the batteries if you have a digital thermostat. Some of our repair calls are due to the batteries going out in the thermostat. This common issue can be avoided if addressed and inspected by a professional.

Air Conditioning Winterization

TLC can also perform scheduled maintenance on your refrigerated air conditioning unit just ask our experts about how to prep your air conditioner for winter. If you have a swamp cooler we also can shut it down and prep it for winter. We offer swamp cooler winterization services for an additional cost.

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