4 Reasons to Get a Furnace Tune Up

Marketing image for getting your furnace ready

October is on our doorstep, which means it’s time to pack up the short sleeves and fire up the furnace. But, before you do that, consider getting a furnace tune up. It could save you money and even improve the air quality of your home. 

Here are 4 reasons why your furnace needs a tune up

1. Change is Good for Filters

The furnace filter is what traps the dust particles and other debris that hot furnace air can carry as it expands and heats your home. Over the course of a winter, this can amount to a lot, especially if the furnace is located near a window or a highly trafficked area. Filters should be changed annually and then once a month through winter. Filters may need to be changed more frequently if you have a lot of pet hair or dust in your home.

2. Carbon Monoxide Testing

Gas furnaces can produce carbon monoxide, a gas that causes sleepiness, confusion, and even death. It is important to check that your furnace is not producing a dangerous amount of carbon monoxide for the air quality in your home.

3. A Ready Furnace is a Good Furnace

The weather in New Mexico can change dramatically in October. One day it will be warm and sunny and the next evening it could be in the 30’s. Be prepared with a furnace that is running well and ready to go!

4. Small Repairs are Better Than Big Repairs

During your furnace maintenance, our technicians can detect any problems earlier, which means that your furnace repairs will be minor. Early detection of any problems also means less wear on the system, which will keep it running better.