Forced-Air Furnace 101

Known as the most popular heating solution in Albuquerque, forced-air heating is one of the most effective ways to heat your entire home during the cold winter months.

To make sure you stay warm this winter, we are sharing the ins and outs of the forced air furnace system, so you can recognize problems before they become major.

What is a Forced-Air Furnace?

More commonly known as central heating, the forced-air system is heated by natural gas, propane or electricity. Using air to carry heat throughout your home, the forced-air system is comprised of several ducts, vents, and plenums that enable the air to be distributed evenly.

Controlled by a thermostat, forced-air heating uses a furnace to maintain a warm and consistent temperature throughout your home. With the operation of a thermostat, you can control the amount of heat and pressures that travel through the system’s ducts and expels through its vents.

Naturally, when the desired temperature is reached, the forced-air system will stop, and then begin once again after the temperature has dropped. By using this method for warmth, the forced-air system is energy efficient, narrowing down heating costs during the winter.

Fall Tune-up and Changeover

Regular furnace maintenance must occur if your home has a forced-air furnace system. If not, you run the risk of a broken furnace needing repair. With this type of heating structure in your home, you must change out air filters periodically, and maintain a clearance in the system’s duct work, no matter what season it is.

At TLC Plumbing, we specialize in forced-air heating systems. We maintain and changeover forced-air systems from cooling to heating repair on a regular basis during the fall.

This October we are offering a fall changeover special for your system. We are offering $10 off any changeover, as well as $100 off furnace installation. Our services include:

Get comfortable and cozy up for the winter with TLC! Make sure your furnace is ready for the chilly temperatures ahead. Call us today at 505.761.9696 or contact us online!