5 Reasons to Schedule Your Spring Changeover Today


Spring has finally arrived! With abundant sunshine and life blooming at every turn, a heating and cooling changeover may be the last thing on your mind. But, in between the refreshing bike rides and gardening, here are 5 reasons to schedule your spring changeover during the month of April:

  1. Save on Gas/Electricity. The sooner you shut off your heater, the sooner you will cut down on your gas bill! Our technicians do a thorough inspection of your heating unit, change the filter, and ensure that it is properly shut down to maximize energy savings.
  2. Beat the Rush. Waiting until it’s too hot in your home to schedule your spring changeover could mean that you have to suffer longer. Why suffer in the heat at all? By scheduling your spring changeover with TLC Plumbing in April, you can beat the rush and be fully prepared for the summer heat.
  3. Know About Swamp Cooler Problems Before the Heat Hits. If your swamp cooler has any mechanical or airflow issues, our technicians will be able to diagnose them and provide quality repairs on the spot. We stand by our work 100%, providing comprehensive one-year warranties on all work performed.
  4. Take the Opportunity to Upgrade. Did your swamp cooler come with your house? If it’s over 10 years old, it may need an upgrade. Mastercool has a fantastic line of energy efficient, versatile swamp coolers available to help cool your home or business effectively. For quality installation, you can depend on TLC Plumbing.
  5. You Can Get a Discount. Schedule your spring changeover with TLC Plumbing during the month of April and get $10 off!

Our spring changeover services include a thorough inspection of your swamp cooler, cleaning out of debris, and a complete replacement of filters. We also ensure that your connections are intact and will continue to supply power and water to your swamp cooler for the rest of the summer.

Spring Changeovers for HVAC Units

If you have central air conditioning at your home or business, TLC Plumbing also performs routine duct and equipment inspections to ensure that your HVAC unit is prepared to maintain optimal comfort during the cooler months. Duct inspections are performed with a digital camera so you can identify problem areas and create preventative solutions that will save you money down the line.

Schedule Your Spring Changeover Today!

Get your air conditioning ready for a long, hot summer with TLC Plumbing! Whether you’re in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, or Rio Rancho, we are the fastest response in town. Contact us to schedule your changeover today.