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If you’re in the market for a new furnace, look no further than TLC. When it comes to your home’s heating system, we understand the importance of reliability.

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Signs you need a new furnace

You should consider replacing if your furnace:

  • Is more than 20 years old. Most furnaces only last 15–20 years. If yours is nearing that age limit, you might want to start looking at buying a new one.
  • Constantly needs repairs. Frequent repairs are often a sign that your furnace is about to die. Plus, paying for repair after repair rarely makes sense compared to investing that money in a new, efficient unit.
  • Doesn’t keep you warm. Does your furnace continually struggle to keep your home at your desired temperature? If so, there’s a good chance it’s on its way out. Rather than spending money on expensive repairs and high energy bills, you may be better off installing a new system.
  • Has an expired warranty. When the warranty expires, the manufacturer will no longer guarantee your furnace’s operation or cover the cost of worn-out parts. In these instances, you’ll be stuck paying for all repairs out of your own pocket.
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Cost to install a furnace in Albuquerque

TLC’s HVAC team will guide you through the process of finding the perfect furnace to meet your needs. Our pros are qualified to install and replace all types of furnaces and heating systems, including:

  • Gas Furnaces – Choose from a variety of options, including the latest high-efficiency systems.
  • Wall Furnaces – Many New Mexico homes still have wall furnaces. Whether you want to replace or convert your existing system, our pros have you covered.
  • Floor Furnaces – A floor furnace can be replaced or converted into a standard gas furnace.
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Furnace installation costs can vary based on:

  • Size: The price of the furnace installation increases with its size. Knowledgeable service providers like TLC can determine the perfect size unit for your home by performing a load calculation based on your home’s size.
  • Efficiency: The higher the efficiency of the furnace, the more the unit will cost. However, more efficient units also mean lower monthly energy bills and better comfort.
  • Location: Installation price can vary depending on the placement of the furnace. Furnaces can be located in any of these areas in your home: hallway closet, attic, crawl space or garage. If your furnace is located in a hard to reach area, it may require some additional time to install.
  • Existing Ductwork: Sometimes additional ductwork is required to get maximum efficiency and performance for the new furnace. This will be discussed with you during the estimate.

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Protect your new furnace with preventive maintenance

Regular maintenance and inspections are the best way to achieve cost-effective, trouble-free performance from your heating and cooling systems. Our preventive maintenance program offers you more than just expert service and tune-ups, it helps reduce emergency repairs, provides discounts on additional services and offers you peace of mind and comfort throughout the year. Learn more about preventive maintenance by clicking on the button below.

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Our Furnace Installation Process

1) Schedule your free estimate

Call us at (505) 761-9644 or contact us online to schedule your appointment. Our team will work with your schedule to find a time to send one of our HVAC experts to your home for a free installation quote.

2) Find the right furnace for your home

Finding a furnace that meets the needs of your home and family is our number one priority. To accomplish this, one of our HVAC experts will perform a load calculation on your home to determine furnace size. Afterward, we’ll discuss furnace models that best suit your home and give you options to choose from.

3) We'll install your furnace

Once you sign off on a price, we’ll get to work installing your furnace. Most furnace installations take about a day to complete. We’ll be careful to keep our work area clean and keep disruptions to a minimum.

4) We'll schedule your inspection

Once your furnace installation is complete, we’ll schedule an inspection by the City of Albuquerque. Inspections are required to ensure installations are done correctly and meet safety standards.

5) We make sure you're comfortable

Your satisfaction matters. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your new furnace, then give us a call and we’ll make it right.

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Customer Story in Albuquerque

TLC replaces old furnace for new efficient heating system

Bill called TLC when his furnace had stopped working on a very cold Saturday. Steven our HVAC repairman arrived at Bill’s home to find that the furnace was shutting on and off. After further inspection Steven found that the motor would need to be replaced to to maybe get Bill through the winter or he could replace the furnace with the 40+ year old motor. Bill and his wife decided to replace the old furnace. Steven arrived the next day with a new furnace and completed the install in one day. Bill was very happy to have heat again and happy with the new furnace that had a digital programmable thermostat. Bill highly recommends TLC and Steven.


I called TLC on a Sunday when I began to feel an unusual chill in the house and realized that our gas central heating unit was not coming on. Steven with TLC came out and quickly assessed our issue. The burners were activating and then shutting off because the motor had finally frozen up after 40+ years of service. After weighing our options, which included replacing the motor, my wife and I made the easy decision that it was time to replace the heating system which, frankly, was long overdue. Steven and a co-worker arrived early the next morning to install and activate the new equipment. I really appreciated their expertise and thoroughness in explaining the new system to us, which included a new digital thermostat! I would definitely recommend Steven and TLC to anyone in a heartbeat after our positive experience with them.


Furnace Installation FAQs

Furnace problems happen when you least expect it. You usually need to get it repaired or replaced quickly. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions our experts receive about furnace installations.

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TLC is here for all your heating needs and provides 24-hour emergency service to the following areas in the Albuquerque metro area:

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  • East Mountains
  • Belen
  • and surrounding areas

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