Viante New Mexico – A Vision for New Mexico


TLC’s purpose has always been to improve the quality of life for our employees and the community. We have spent the last 30 years focusing on providing an excellent work environment so our employees can focus on quality customer service while also providing for their families. Our commitment to giving our employees the resources and continuing education opportunities have transformed TLC from a small, one man shop to a robust, thriving business in New Mexico.

TLC’s owner and founder, Dale Armstrong, has dedicated himself and his company to improve the community through the empowerment and education of his employees. It is his belief that if the employees he works for have the tools and knowledge to better theirs and their families lives that they can share the newfound information with others for a stronger community. It is because of this successful mentality that Dale has had for his employees that he has a newfound mission to make an impact on every New Mexican’s life for a more prosperous state.

Let’s Unite New Mexico

Dale is a lifelong New Mexican. He loves everything about New Mexico and wants to see his home state grow and thrive. As a business owner and influencer in the community he, like many of us, is frustrated with New Mexico continually being at the bottom of performance lists in all major indicators. Dale saw this reoccurring theme as an opportunity to make an impact and effect real change in our state. As a result, he has launched Viante New Mexico, a non-profit organization whose mission is to hold public officials accountable by working on behalf of its citizens, providing empowerment and promoting awareness through an educational platform.

Dale’s vision is one all New Mexicans share – to see New Mexico move up lists to improve education, reduce crime and enhance the quality of life in our state. Viante New Mexico will empower and educate New Mexicans to know which public officials are enhancing or eroding these issues that impact each of us all on a daily basis. New Mexico voters will then be able to confidently vote and feel both informed and competent that their vote will drive our state forward towards a brighter future.

TLC shares this vision as local business and has always been committed to improving the state’s quality of life and making an impact in our community. We look forward to seeing Viante New Mexico provide New Mexicans with the tools to improve our state.

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