What is the best swamp cooler?

Swamp coolers are popular in dry, arid climates like New Mexico because they’re cost-effective and eco-friendly. But what are the best swamp cooler brands?
Swamp coolers (also called evaporative coolers) are a great choice for those of us who live in drier climates. They have been and remain popular, but lately, the industry has experienced some struggles. The quality of metal used in swamp coolers has declined. Some pad brands have completely vanished! Thankfully, homeowners who want to use swamp coolers still have great options. We will compare TLC’s three favorite brands: Convair, Breezair, and Mastercool.

Convair Swamp Coolers

Convair swamp coolers are products of Seeley, an Australia-based company that specializes in swamp coolers. Here at TLC, we love their products! Convair is a great one. Let’s check out its benefits.

Rust Free Cabinet

Standard metal swamp coolers typically rust through in 10 – 12 years, maybe faster depending on the hardness of your water. With the recent decrease in metal quality, some rust as quickly as 3 – 5 years. It’s frustrating for homeowners (and us too).

Convair swamp coolers are different because the cabinet isn’t made of metal. Instead, its made of UV-stabilized structural polymer materials called Permatuf. Basically, it means your swamp cooler will never rust
or corrode!

Better Cooling Capacity

Not surprisingly, Convair’s newer technology (not just the cabinet, but the components inside) makes it perform even better than standard swamp coolers. Even though it’s a simple model with two air speeds, you’ll get better cooling because they use Chillcel pads. An extra bonus is that Chillcel pads only need to be replaced around five years (hard water might impact that, check with your HVAC tech).

The one downside of Convair swamp coolers is that they can only be installed into downdraft systems. So if your swamp cooler is perched on the side of your house, a Convair may not work for you. If you’re not sure if you have a down-draft or side-draft system, your TLC experts can help you find out.

Breezair Swamp Coolers

If you’re looking for a souped-up version of a Convair, then a Breezair swamp cooler might be for you! Breezair is probably as close to refrigerated air as you can get without converting. Remember, refrigerated air systems remove humidity and circulate and condition indoor air. Swamp coolers add humidity by circulating the outside air through the pads and into your home. They’ll never feel exactly the same

Greater Temperature Control

We’ve established that air cooled by a swamp cooler is different than air cooled by refrigeration. However, Breezair gives you an incredible amount of temperature control. This is because, unlike standard swamp coolers or Convair, Breezair has a variable speed motor with 10 fan speed options. This gives you a lot of control over the temperature in your home.

Energy Efficient

All swamp coolers use less electricity than refrigerated air. Breezair takes it to another level, using approximately 90% less electricity than refrigerated air. It also out-performs standard swamp coolers by using up to 40% less electricity and up to 1,000 gallons less water. Those savings are hard to beat.

Like Convair, Breezair swamp coolers work best with a downdraft system. While adaptations can be made for a side-draft system, it’s not always straight-forward. This will be discussed with you when you get a free estimate on a new Breezair. On the bright side, Breezair coolers also have a no-rust cabinet like Convair.

Mastercool/Aerocool Coolers

We always suggest going with a Breezair or Convair because of the no-rust cabinets. However, since they don’t work on side-draft coolers, we still want to offer a good metal swamp cooler option. Allow us to present Mastercool!

Speciality Pads

Mastercool swamp coolers use a unique type of pad called rigid (or Celldek) media. They’re honeycomb-shaped and thick (8 – 12 inches). They absorb water better than regular pads, providing better cooling than standard coolers.

Energy Efficient

They may not be as energy efficient as Breezair, but that’s a tall order. Mastercool swamp coolers still give you great savings compared to refrigerated air. They use up to 75% less electricity, and that’s nothing to sneeze at.

The downside of Mastercool/Aerocool is that they still have metal cabinets. With the decrease in metal quality used in manufacturing, they are rusting faster than in the past. Instead of lasting the 10 – 12 years we used to expect, they’re rusting out in closer to 5 years. Still, Mastercool is a better option than an aftermarket brand you can get at a box store like Home Depot or Lowes.
The bottom line is that, despite industry challenges, you still have great swamp cooler options. Brands like Seely continue to produce high-quality products like Convair and Breezair, and Mastercool is still the best metal evaporative cooler on the market. Here at TLC, we are committed to offering the best products so you and your family can be comfortable and safe, no matter the weather.

For a free estimate on one of these great brands, call us at 505-761-9644 or request an estimate online.