Steer Clear of These Holiday Plumbing Mishaps

Image of a Christmas tree with presents for marketing

IStock 000013953975 MediumChristmas is a busy time of year for your plumbing. From visiting relatives to elaborate meals, your drains are getting more traffic than they normally do. Avoid extra stress during the holidays by avoiding these common holiday plumbing mistakes!

Water Overflow

It’s a serious problem when water is somewhere it’s not supposed to be. You can prevent

water overflow in a plumbing emergency by knowing where your main water shut-off valve is located!

Clogged Shower Drain

More people using the shower can mean that more hair will be going down the drain. To

avoid shower drain clogs, invest in a drain catcher. This will stop hair and other debris before it goes down the drain!

Cold Showers

If your guests have used up all of the hot water, you don’t have to take a cold shower.

Before relatives arrive, turn up your water heater to ensure that everyone gets a hot shower! You can also invest in a new water heater or a hot water recirculating pump.

Broken Disposal

Holiday is a time for abundant food and joy. But, disposing of waste improperly can result

in a broken disposal. Steer clear of putting anything fibrous down the disposal. Gravy, potato skins, and bones can’t be put down there either!

Flushing Woes

The only thing that should ever be flushed by the toilet is toilet paper. Encourage your

guests to keep your toilet free of clogs by having visible trashcans by the toilet.

Sink Clogs

Avoid sink clogs by pouring grease and oil into the trash instead of down the drain! Grease

and oil sticks to the side of your pipes and expands when it solidifies. Here are some ideas how to properly dispose of grease:

Thermostat Wars

One relative is too hot and the other is too cold. Avoid throwing your HVAC system into

overdrive by using a programmable thermostat. Hot cocoa and blankets are also a great idea!

If you experience backups and issues this time of year, don’t wait till you have a major problem. Have us clean your drain line now to avoid these holiday plumbing disasters.