Is Hard Water Raining on Your Day?


Here in the 505 we bask in the glow – quite literally – of blue clear skies and sunshine for the vast majority of our annual 365. The rain – when it comes – is welcome and worthy of celebration. But despite all that Vitamin D, outside and free for the taking, hard water can really cause the dark clouds to build up inside the home. If you experience any of following H2O woes, a water softener could be that rainbow at the end of a storm.

Let’s start with the morning shower

When it comes to waking up, a steady stream from the showerhead is as important as that morning cuppa something caffeinated. Unfortunately, the showerhead is one of the first items to fall victim to hard water build up. The little crystals fit right into the crevices and it doesn’t take much to send the water flying in every direction but that of a shampoo-sudsy scalp (Murphy’s Law dictates that this is especially true if said shampoo suds have made their way into the eye region of the face.). If the build-up continues, it can cause the showerhead to become blocked altogether. Not the best way to start the day!

cleaning hard-water

Hard water can also wreak havoc on the shower door

Streaks and clouds and scaly (oh my!) build-up are a few of the potential problems, and anyone who has experienced these issues can attest that it’s a hard and long battle to fight. No amount of cleaning product and good old-fashioned elbow grease can keep the unsightly build-up at bay permanently.
Speaking of the seemingly never-ending battle of clean up, the hard water stains on and around countertops and sinks are not only lacking in eye appeal – they can be a real drain on time and cleaning product resources. Who wants to spend their time and energy on something so…not fun? If left unchecked, the hard water can cause corrosion and permanent damage to those areas.


And that’s just the damage that meets the eye

Hard water contains dissolved minerals, including calcium, which can leach and form lime scale. That limescale can build up inside pipes, leading to less water being able to get through the pipes. In extreme cases, small holes can result from the mineral build up, which can lead to leaks and other damage to pipes.

Finally, if fighting hard water is cutting into your time and effectiveness, just think about what it’s doing to the efficiency of your water heater…your dishwasher…your washing machine? These appliances work hard for you – but hard water makes it a tough job and can reduce the performance and life expectancy!

There is hope, and you don’t have to live with hard water! There are many hard water solutions available for your home. If you’re interested in exploring options to solve your hard water problems, consult a water treatment professional.