Things To Consider Before Converting To Refrigerated Air Conditioning

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Refrigerated air or central air conditioning is very comfortable and more homeowners in Albuquerque and Santa Fe are making the switch to refrigerated air conditioning. Refrigerated air can keep a home at comfortable temperatures year round, no matter what the weather or climate is like outside. But is refrigerated air right for you? Here are some things you should know and consider and compare before making the switch.

Benefits of Refrigerated Air

  • Allows You To Maintain a Constant Temperature – do you like the idea of maintaining a specific temperature when its hot outside? Refrigerated air allows you to maintain a constant temperature in your home, even when its hot outside. However, the new Breeazair swamp cooler, a high-efficiency evaporative cooler can achieve similar results.
  • Can Improve Indoor Air Quality – Most refrigerated air systems allow you to add an indoor air quality filtration system that can help improve air quality by removing indoor pollutants, such as pollen, mold and pet dander. If you or your family members experience allergies or asthma this may be a great comfort benefit.
  • Zoned Cooling Systems – Do you want the ability to cool individual areas in your home? Ductless air conditioning systems offer zoned cooling which can be a very efficient way to cool each room individually and may be an option you discuss with an HVAC professional. These are a different type of air conditioner not considered a standard refrigerated air conditioner.
  • Year Round Comfort – Refrigerated air systems allow you to easily switch between heat and cool at any time. This is very nice during those months when we experience cool mornings and warm afternoons.

Things to know about converting to refrigerated air

  • Hire A Professional – It is important to hire a licensed HVAC professional to install your new AC system. You’re making a sizable investment in your home, you want to make sure it is installed correctly and works properly. Choose a company you can trust that will warranty their craftsmanship and offers product warranties.
  • Is Your Existing Duct System Adequate – Sometimes your existing ductwork isn’t adequate to provide proper airflow essential for your new air conditioning system. It may be necessary to upgrade your duct system to support the new air conditioning system.
  • Your Furnace May Need To Be Upgraded – Your furnace system plays a role in your air conditioner efficiency. It needs to be sized properly not just for heating but for cooling. Many times your furnace needs to be upgraded at the same time as the air conditioner is installed to support the air conditioning system.
  • Electrical Upgrade – Refrigerated air uses more electricity than swamp coolers so there needs to be adequate circuit and power requirements to support the air conditioner. It may be necessary to make upgrades to your electrical panel.

Now that we’ve covered important information about converting lets talk about cost. The things we discussed above can affect the overall cost to convert to refrigerated air. We put together a cost conversion chart with some general cost estimates to convert. These costs listed in this chart are meant to give you a ballpark idea of what you’re looking at to convert. In order to get an accurate estimate for your home’s needs, contact an HVAC professional for an in home estimate.

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