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Many homes in Albuquerque are at the age that they need a facelift. TLC’s expert technicians are trained and experienced in all different types of shower remodels and upgrades. You can rest assured that TLC’s remodel technicians, backed by an amazing team of plumbers and electricians, will design the shower remodel of your dreams.

Why choose TLC for your installation:

  • 1-year warranty on labor
  • Experienced craftsman
  • The support of TLC’s expert plumbers, electricians, and HVAC technicians
  • 100% make-it-right guarantee
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Types of Shower Remodels

If you dream it, TLC can build it! We are experienced in all types of shower remodels. Common shower remodel types are:

  • Tub and fixture replacements
  • Shower panel and pan (wall and floor) replacements
  • Shower tile installation
  • Tub to walk-in shower conversions
  • Relocation of tub and/or shower


TLC has built partnerships with quality suppliers so we can provide the best options for your shower remodel. You will have a great selection from reliable material suppliers:

Schluter is a remodel supplier that specializes in shower remodel materials. Their wall panels, shower pans (floor), recess niches, benches, tile trim, and more is 100% waterproof. They provide a full warranty on their materials when installed correctly. Between Schluter’s warranty and TLC’s 100% Make It Right Guarantee, you can rest assured that your shower remodel will be completed correctly.

Arizona Tile is TLC’s go-to for tile products. They have an amazing selection of options with higher quality than those of many chain stores.

Floor & Décor is another great company. They have an excellent selection of shower remodel supplies and materials.

Doc Savage provides an astounding selection of fixtures for your shower. They offer nearly endless options for trim, special shower heads, slide bars, and more.

You can be confident that TLC’s expert technicians will work with you and the suppliers to provide you with a broad selection of quality options for your shower remodel. If you are looking for ideas for your shower remodel, a visit to these stores will help inspire you.

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    When should I get my shower remodeled?

    It might be time to remodel your shower if:

    Your home was built in the 80s or earlier

    Showers that were built in the 80s often had the tile placed directly onto drywall instead of materials prepped to withstand water. As the tile and grout ages, water gets behind it and cause the sidewall of your shower to become spongy. Tile may even start falling off.

    You’re looking to add value to your home

    Remodeling your shower adds significant value to your home. If you’re looking to sell your home, or simply want to improve on your investment, a shower remodel might be a good option for you.



    • Low: $5,000
    • Average: $7,500
    • High: $10,000

    Factors that affect the cost of your shower remodel:

    • Size of shower: The larger the shower, the more materials and labor will be required to remodel it.
    • Type of shower: Is it a walk-in shower or tub? This will affect the cost as well. Tiling a walk-in shower from the floor to the ceiling will cost more than tiling just the panel above a regular tub.
    • Materials: Some materials cost more than others. For example, new tile is going to be a bigger investment than cultured marble.
    • Scope of the project: What is the scope of the project? For example, updating the tile backdrop is a different scope of work than turning your garden tub into a walk-in shower.
    • Additional work: If your remodel includes more than just the shower, like fresh paint, new flooring or replacing the vanity, your cost will be affected.

    Every shower remodel is unique. That is why TLC provides a free estimate that accounts for your needs and preferences. Schedule your free estimate today.



    1) Schedule Your Free Estimate

    Call us at (505) 761-9644 or contact us online to schedule your appointment. Our estimators will give you customized options and pricing for your shower remodel.

    2) Choose The Option That Work Best For You

    Review your estimate and options to choose the one that works best for your home and budget. You will be given a final proposal to review and sign.

    3) Schedule Your Shower Remodel

    Our staff will work with you to schedule your shower remodel for a date and time that is convenient for you.

    4) Your Technician(S) Will Review The Proposal With You

    Before work is started, your technician(s) will review the final proposal with you to make sure that your shower remodel is exactly how you want it to be!

    5) Demolition!

    Old materials and fixtures will be removed and the shower prepped before new materials and fixtures are installed.

    6) Your new shower will be installed

    After the old materials and fixtures are removed and any prep material is installed, your technicians will finish remodeling your new shower according to your specifications.

    7) We will make sure you are 100% satisfied

    If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with your shower remodel, reach out to us and let us know. We operate on a 100% Make It Right Guarantee!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Remember to plan for the unexpected

    It’s not uncommon to uncover unexpected problems during your remodel project. Maybe there’s termite damage behind the shower panel, or there’s electrical wiring where it’s not supposed to be. Remember when you’re budgeting for your remodel project to leave a little margin for the unexpected.

    Let TLC make your shower remodel dreams come true!

    TLC’s expert remodel team is here to help you with your shower remodel. Whether you’re updating your shower to fit your style or you’re trying to up your resell value, we’re here for you! Schedule your free estimate today! Give us a call at 505-761-9644 or schedule online.

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