3 Common Swamp Cooler Problems

swamp cooler unit

Cooler weather has finally arrived, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about your swamp cooler. You’re going to need it when it gets warm again!

The easiest way to avoid swamp cooler problems in the spring is to have a professional winterize your cooler and get your furnace ready for winter. Without taking these steps, you can endure a number of issues.

1. Ruptured Water Lines

This happens when the water lines aren’t drained properly because they can freeze during the winter causing them to rupture. Can lead to property damage if you have water lines running through your attic or home.

2. Excess Dirt and build-up

If you don’t cover your swamp cooler after you’ve winterized it you can get excess dirt and build up on your pads causing you to replace your pads more frequently. We recommend a canvas cover that can be tightly attached to the cooler for the winter.

3. Open Damper

If you don’t close the damper to your swamp cooler you are wasting energy and will see higher energy bills because warm air will blow outside.

Preserve the life of your swamp cooler this winter and avoid the hassle of possible mishaps. Schedule your TLC Plumbing fall changeover today and get $10 off your service! We’ll even do a complete safety inspection on your furnace, giving you peace of mind and a warm home for winter.