How to Control Heating Costs With Your Thermostat


Coming home to a cold home isn’t fun, but many homeowners do it in the interest of saving money on heating bills. Why sit in a cold room for 20 minutes, waiting for the house to warm up when you can save just as much money with a programmable thermostat?

Thermostats are probably one of the best tools your home can have to lower your heating costs. You can save up to 10% on annual heating costs just be having one installed. This is because:

  • Most thermostats can be programmed to work with your schedule
  • Precise temperature control means that you can track how much heat your home requires to stay comfortable
  • You can avoid turning the heat up high to “warm up the house”

Almost any heating system can use programmable thermostats to regulate heat, even if you have an older home. At TLC, our technicians are here to help you make the most out of your thermostat this winter!

Thermostat Tips

Having a thermostat in your home gives you ultimate control over how much money you will spend on heating this winter. Master your home’s thermostat with these tips!

  • Turn down the heat 7-10 degrees while you are sleeping. Our body temperatures naturally drop while we sleep, which means we need less heat to stay warm.
  • Use fans in your home to circulate the air. Heat rises and can end up hanging around up near the ceiling, causing you to crank up the heat. Keeping the fan on while your heater is on will stabilize temperature.
  • Program the thermostat to turn on 10 minutes before you get home and 10 minutes before you usually wake up. When you come home to an already-heated home, you’re more likely to turn off the heat sooner.
  • Make sure your thermostat is reading the correct day and time. This makes it easier to program your preferences!
  • When you find a comfortable temperature, dial it back 4-5 degrees to see if you can notice. If it’s still comfortable, you’re saving money!
  • Keep track of your heating bills. Whether you use gas or electric heating, you can reduce your usage just by studying your statements. New Mexico Gas Company and PNM even have usage graphs that can help you see when you use your heater the most!

At TLC, we have many thermostat options for our customers. With advanced temperature technology, we have options to give you the control you need over your home’s comfort to save the most money. We even have Wi-Fi controlled thermostats that can be adjusted wherever you are by simply tapping on your smartphone!

If Your Heating Bill is Still High…

If your heating costs continue to rise, you may have a problem with your heating system or your thermostat. TLC Plumbing performs regular service on all types of heating systems, including furnace inspections, repairs and replacements, so you can save as much money as possible on heating. Contact us today to schedule a service visit!