What is a Wall-Mounted Ductless Air Conditioner?

Image of a ductless Lennox system

A wall-mounted ductless air conditioner also referred to as a mini split system or ductless mini split system is an easy, convenient and efficient way to gain refrigerated air without the expense or hassle of adding ductwork to a home or business looking for air conditioning. A wall-mounted air conditioner is also an ideal solution for homes that do not have a duct system or weren’t originally designed for air conditioning, like many in Santa Fe.

How does a ductless system work?

A ductless system is referred to as a mini split because it consists of separate pieces, an indoor unit(s) and an outdoor condenser. Let’s start with the indoor unit, which consists of a blower motor, fan, and an evaporator coil. It is approximately 3 feet long, 10 inches tall and 10 inches deep and is mounted on the wall. Most systems allow for 4 indoor units connected to 1 outdoor unit. That means you can cool 4 rooms or zones with one outdoor unit. The outdoor unit, better known as a condensing unit consists of a compressor, fan and condenser coil. This unit varies in size based on the needs of the area to be cooled and/or a number of indoor units, but is typically not any bigger than 45 inches tall and 36 inches wide. Depending on your cooling needs you may need multiple indoor and outdoor units to provide your home or business with adequate cooling.

Energy efficient cooling

A great advantage to this type of ductless mini split air conditioner is the ability of zoning they provide. Each indoor unit comes with an individual digital thermostat and is capable of operating independently from the other units. This means you’re able to only cool the rooms you are using, not the entire home – saving energy and money.