Energy Efficiency Tips For Your Heating System


In autumn and winter months, your heating can use half of the energy in your home. In addition to driving up your utility bills, inefficient heating systems can also pose a safety hazard. With over 25 years of professional HVAC experience, TLC Plumbing has the expert advice you need to save money and keep your heater safe this winter.

Check out our tips to maximize heater efficiency!

Turn Down the Heat

Being strategic with your heat settings can save you money every month on your bill. Instead of keeping it at 78, grab a sweater and kick it down a few degrees. Programmable thermostats are an excellent way to keep your heating costs down, as they automatically turn on and off. A full-service installer, TLC Plumbing can help you select and install a programmable thermostat for your home.

Make Sure Your Air Filter is Clean

A dirty furnace filter can restrict air flow, making your heating system use more energy than necessary to provide a warm, comfortable environment in your home. Replacing air filters every 3 months to maintain maximum efficiency and cleanliness. All TLC furnace maintenance services includes cleaning filters.

Choose Professional Installation

Professional HVAC contractors have important knowledge that can improve the longevity and efficiency of your heating system during installation. Licensed, bonded, and insured to perform a full range of HVAC services, TLC Plumbing can provide the professional heating installation you need to maximize efficiency.

Take Advantage of All Heating Sources

Your heater isn’t the only appliance in your home that generates heat in the winter months. There are plenty of activities that can warm up a room, like a shower or cooking. Maximize the heating potential in situations like this – hang out in the kitchen after dinner instead of the living room or leave the bathroom door open so the warmth can spread to other areas of the house.

Catch Some Rays

For a little extra heat during the day, open up your curtains during the day and use the natural power of the sun! Make sure to keep the shades closed when it’s dark, though. Otherwise, you’ll lose heat to cold air!

Invest in Some Awesome Socks

Keeping your feet warm is important when it’s cold. When you’re at home, throw on a comfy pair of socks so you don’t have to turn up the thermostat so high!

Tune-Up Your Heater

In addition to regular inspections, getting annual tune-ups for your heater can maximize efficiency and protect your safety. At TLC Plumbing, our tune-ups include cleaning, a comprehensive safety inspection, and a carbon monoxide test to ensure that you are running an efficient and safe heating system in your home.

Call the Efficiency Experts

At TLC Plumbing, we are committed to helping you maximize the energy efficiency throughout your home. Whether you need to upgrade to an Energy Star heater or it’s been awhile since you’ve cleaned out your air filters, our HVAC experts can help you find energy efficient solutions to help you save money this winter. Contact us today to speak with a pro!