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Sewer Camera Inspection Services in Albuquerque

When you have a drain problem in your home it may seem difficult to locate where the back up is or what is causing your clogged drains. TLC’s expert plumbers use a video camera specifically designed to be run through your drain systems to locate problems. This tool helps our plumbers locate and identify what the problem is within your plumbing system so we can fix it quickly.

Our plumbers use drain video inspections for the following services:

  • Identify a problem area in your sewer line. If you’re experiencing frequent backups our camera can locate if the sewer pipe is collapsed, obstructed or damaged.
  • Inspect sewer line condition if you are buying or selling a home. More and more home buyers are requesting sewer drain inspections.
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Sewer Camera Inspections for Sewer Repairs

The most common reason TLC performs video inspections is to identify problems within the sewer line and locate where it needs to be repaired. We use our camera lines both inside homes and outside if the problem is the main drain line.

Video Inspections Identify Sewer Problems

If you are experiencing frequent sewer backups or a backup cannot be cleared by our professionals we would use a camera to inspect the line and locate the problem. The camera will show us the problem and the location along the sewer line which assists us in where to repair or replace the pipe. This prevents TLC from having to dig up the entire pipe in your yard.

Common issues are:

  • Roots have broken the sewer line.
  • The pipes have become misaligned due to the ground shifting.
  • The sewer line has collapsed
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Sewer Scope Home Inspections

Many potential home buyers are requesting drain inspections before they buy a home. TLC’s drain experts are qualified and experienced in performing drain and sewer line inspections for residential properties. We provide video inspections so buyers and sellers can get a thorough analysis of the drain system.

What is included in a drain inspection?

  • TLC will perform a video inspection of the drain line and identify any issues and concerns.
  • Along with a video of the drain line, we will provide an inspection report.
  • If any repairs are needed TLC’s plumbers can provide the sewer/drain repairs.
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Commercial Sewer Inspections

TLC drain experts are experienced in both residential and commercial sewer inspections. Our team has the equipment to inspect all types of sewer systems including larger commercial pipes. TLC’s plumbing experts can inspect and repair all types of commercial sewer and drain systems.

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Commercial Sewer Inspection

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Sewer Inspection Frequently Asked Questions

Sewer camera inspections are essential to helping our plumbers make sewer repairs quickly. Here are some commonly asked questions our plumbers get about this service.

Professional Sewer Inspections

TLC’s drain experts are here for quick reliable service for your sewer problems. When you need a drain inspection turn to TLC.

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