How to Reduce Cold Air Drafts in Your Home

Image of a man covering an air conditioner

Chances are you’re paying much more in utility bills during the winter months to heat your home.

Here are 7 Ways to Reduce Air Drafts in Your Home

Replace Worn Weather Stripping

Replace the worn weather stripping on your windows and doors. Up to 12% of heat loss actually occurs around windows and doors. You’ll save some money by reducing the amount of heat loss because your heater won’t need to run as much to maintain your desired temperature. Replacing the weather stripping in your home is usually as simple as purchasing stripping at a home improvement store then peeling off the old and sticking on the new.

Weatherproof Caulk Cracks

Use weatherproof caulk to seal cracks and openings where warm air may be escaping from your house (be sure you get one that is paintable). You can use caulk around windows, doors electrical outlets, lighting and plumbing fixtures, attic entrances, ducts and chimney flashing.

Adjust Your Door Thresholds

If you can see daylight under your front door, you’re most likely losing heat from that opening. You can adjust most thresholds by turning the screws counterclockwise to lift the threshold so that you have minimal daylight shining through under your door. A little bit of light is ok and be sure not to raise the threshold so high that you can’t open and close the door. You also don’t want the threshold to hit the floor because it will wear out the weather stripping. You can also purchase door blockers to block the gap.

Use a Chimney Balloon

Keep air from escaping out your chimney. While a fireplace is a great way to actually help save you money by using it instead of your furnace, it can also be a point of heat loss in your home. You can actually use an inflatable chimney balloon to help block the airflow from the outside into your home. The balloon is shaped in such a way that it still allows some airflow so that your home stays well ventilated. You can easily take the balloon out of the fireplace if you want to light a fire. If you forget to take the balloon out before you light a fire, it is made to automatically deflate so your home will not fill up with smoke. It’s also important to know that these balloons can become hard to manage and dirty after repeated uses. You can find thm on Amazon or at your local home improvement store.

Close Your Swamp Cooler Damper

Close your swamp cooler damper before winter and use a cover to help keep cold air from entering your home and hot air from escaping. The damper looks like a cookie sheet that you slide in and you can purchase a cover for your evaporative cooler at your local home improvement store or online (you’ll just need to make sure that you get one that matches the dimensions of your cooler).

Cover Your Windows With Plastic Film

Cover windows with plastic film. Windows are some of the biggest causes of heat loss in your home, and covering these areas with plastic film is a great way to keep the heat inside your home and the cold out. It’s simple to install and won’t harm the trim on your windows. You can usually find this at your local home improvement store.

Lock Your Doors and Windows

When you lock your doors and windows, you can usually see and feel them pushing together more tightly. This will help push the seams of your doors and window closer to the weather stripping, making them more effective at blocking cold air from getting into your warm home.