Top 10 Trendy Outdoor Space Upgrades for 2018

Image of a trendy outdoor space

Outdoor space upgrades are popular and trendy this year! From furniture to architecture, the family outdoor living space is becoming more comfortable and inviting. What is actually “in”, though? Check out the top 10 trending outdoor living space trends for 2018.

Top 10 Outdoor Space Trends for 2018

1. Outdoor Rooms

Outdoor rooms are rocking the backyard this summer. The idea is to bring the comforts and styles of indoor living areas to outdoor spaces. Homeowners are moving indoor furniture, decorations and design ideas onto the patio and under the pergola.

The latest trend is outdoor sofa sets. There are more options than ever before, including sectionals. These new outdoor sofas are typically made from a synthetic wicker weave resin that is both stylish and low maintenance. Maybe you’re not looking to buy new furniture, but you have an older sofa that you aren’t sure what to do with. Cover it with an outdoor fabric and relocate it to the porch. The only limit to what you can do with your outdoor room is your imagination.

2. Outdoor Kitchens

Down the same lines as the outdoor “room” is the outdoor “kitchen”. No one wants to heat up the house with the stove while entertaining. By creating an outdoor cooking space, the host or hostess can prepare while also enjoying guests and good weather. Some homeowners will go all out with their outdoor kitchen by installing a permanent full range, sink and countertop along with a large dining space. Others may prefer a simpler approach with a grill or wet bar and a small dining area. Either way, your outdoor kitchen can reflect your entertaining needs and personality.

Are you interested in building an outdoor kitchen? TLC’s home remodeling experts can build a space that you will love!

3. Fashionable Flooring

Fashionable outdoor floors can be as complex as decorative tiles or as simple as an area rug. The keys to eye-catching flooring are patterns, texture and colors. Are you going for an eclectic feel? Try bright, bold colors with exciting patterns. Maybe you prefer a subtler approach with gentle colors and a soothing texture. Some homeowners are even painting colorful rugs directly onto stone and concrete floors!

Whatever your preference may be, you can spice up any outdoor space with stunning flooring. TLC’s remodeling team can help you explore your options and make the installation of new flooring much easier.

4. Fashionable Fabrics

Fabrics are an easy way of bringing your personality to the outdoors. Pillows, chair cushions, and drapes add a splash of flare to your backyard. Contrasting and complementing colors, patterns and textures can turn even a dull space into an inviting oasis. With a little planning and creativity, fabrics can be easy on the budget.

5. Plants

Raised beds and vertical gardens are becoming more popular. Barren walls can be transformed into a soothing backdrop by mounting flowers and other plants. You can choose from many colors, shapes and textures of pots for additional flare. But what about xeriscaping? Due to the arid climate of the southwest, homeowners often keep outdoor plants to a minimum. Thankfully, many forms of desert and succulent plants such as a potted cactus make for beautiful decorations. Vertical and raised-bed gardens do not need to be high maintenance if you select the right plants.

6. Water

Water is the new fire in backyard landscaping. Fountains, multi-level waterfalls and decorative pools provide a refreshing atmosphere to any yard. Spaces with limited size and scope do not have to be left behind. Many home improvement stores sell small portable fountains that add just the right amount of bubbling beauty to a hot summer night.

7. Fire Places and Pits

Even though water is “in”, fire is certainly not “out.” Homeowners have many options for incorporating natural and gas heating into their spaces. Fire pits, bowls and even full fire places are a classy edition to any outdoor space and provide an inviting focal point. An added bonus is that the warmth it provides can extend the amount of time you can enjoy your outdoor space each year. If you opt for a gas flame or full fire place, you will need to consult a professional for proper installation.

8. Outdoor Lighting

Lighting is important in every aspect of home design – including the backyard. The popular and striking string of bulbs is an economic option for many homeowners. However, originality is king in 2018. Homeowners are turning to creative options such as lanterns, flood lights, portable lamps and solar light fixtures.

9. Ceiling Fans

Even the shade under the pergola can be uncomfortably warm in the summer. A ceiling fan can help cool your space as well as make a statement. Trendy fans with creative designs are the perfect addition to any outdoor space with a stable roof and can easily be installed by TLC’s home electritians.

10. Creative and Functional

At the root of 2018 outdoor space trends is a spirit of both art and functionality. From bright colors and beautifully textured fabrics to furniture and landscapes, outdoor spaces are both appealing and useful. Your outdoor space should reflect your personality and be comfortable for you and your family.

Creating an outdoor space doesn’t have to be overwhelming. TLC’s expert home remodel team stands ready to help! From flooring to ceiling fans to kitchens, they are equipped to meet your outdoor needs.

Your outdoor space is your place to play, relax and host. It is an expression of you! Whether you are simply sprucing up with new pillows and lights or want to build a complete outdoor kitchen, you can enjoy your outdoor space to the full.