How to remove chlorine from your water?


Chlorine has been used in city water supplies for many years to kill harmful bacteria. It is an essential part of the treatment of our water supplies. However, once the water comes into your home it isn’t needed anymore. The remaining chlorine can leave an unpleasant taste or smell in your water. It can also dry out your skin, clothes and impact your water using appliances. While chlorine is an essential treatment for our domestic water supplies you can safely remove it from your home water system with a dechlorinator.

Removing chlorine from your water will eliminate the taste and smell of your water. A dechlorinator will remove chlorine from your entire house and every faucet. You won’t have to worry about any more chlorine taste or smells in your home.

Kinetico DeChlorinator

TLC offers a Kinetico DeChlorinator that can be installed in your home to remove chlorine from your entire home. A dechlorinator can also be added to any water softener if you have other concerns about your water. The Kinetico dechlorinator is a single tank that’s installed at your main water supply. The unit uses activated carbon to remove the chlorine. The carbon in the Kinetico unit can last between 3-5 years. TLC’s water experts are experienced in repairing and maintaining the dechlorinator for optimal performance.

Now is the time to eliminate chlorine from your water

For a limited time, we are offering $500 off of a dechlorinator system. This offer is valid for the installation of a new dechlorinator system either by itself or in conjunction with a water softener system. Water is an essential part of our lives, give your family the best water you can get with a Kinetico Dechlorinator. If you have additional questions or would like to learn more about how a decholorinator works, feel free to ask our professionals or call our water experts to learn more at 761-9644.