Top Closet Remodel Ideas

Image of a custom closet remodel

Good organization can mean the difference between loving or hating a room and the things in it. Whether you need to organize your huge walk-in, or you don’t have a closet at all, a closet remodel might be in order.

Remodel your closet to organize your space

Some of us are naturally good organizers. Others of us are not. Either way, it’s hard to keep clutter under control when there’s no place to put your things. But it’s about so much more than space!

Your storage space should be functional and suited to your specific needs. A pre-built organizer and some shelves might help organize stuff, but it won’t capture the beauty of what you are trying to create in your home. A one-size-fits-all approach usually doesn’t fit everyone.

Here are some ideas for customized closet spaces:

  • Create a closet office for your traveling student
  • Build an art supply closet in your extra bedroom or craft room
  • Add a wall-mounted or built-in closet to a room without storage space
  • Install custom built shelving in your bedroom closet, pantry or linen closet
  • Organize the master bedroom closet into “his and hers”, just the way he and she would like it

The sky is the limit for what you can do with your storage space.

The problem: Many of us aren’t interior designers or organizing specialists. You might have an idea of what you’d like to do with your closet, but the details? It’s sometimes hard to visualize yourself, let alone explain it to a builder.

“You might not know where to start. That is okay! Don’t be worried if you have trouble explaining the vision you have for the space. Your remodel professional will learn your wants and needs, and together you will design the space you need.”

What can I do to make my closet unique?

Every room in your home should make you happy. Whether you want to be inspired or need to feel grounded, your closet can help set the mood. You probably start and end your day in your closet, looking for something to wear. Make it a place that you love to be!

Paint the walls and/or shelves

Colors help set the mood, no matter where you are. For a bedroom closet, you might want colors that are calming and relaxing so you can start and end your day peacefully. Maybe you want your art closet to pop with inspiring colors! Warm, homey colors that make you think of grandma and apple pie might be great for the pantry. Whatever it is you want to feel, there’s a color for it.

Add a unique door

It’s satisfying to be able to close the closet door, especially if you haven’t had a chance to do your laundry. Sliding doors are especially stylish and trendy. You can add a sliding mirror or a repurposed barn door. Your imagination and personal preferences are the only limits on what you can use.

Make it functional with a folding and ironing table

If your closet is large enough, you can take the laundry mess out of the bedroom or living room and tuck it away! Add a table, similar to a kitchen island, that you can use to fold and iron your clothes. You can choose a snazzy countertop that matches your closet color scheme. If you’ve converted a walk-in closet into an art/craft supply space, a table could be very helpful.

What’s the bottom line: Your closet can be functional and very you. Whether you are simply trying to reorganize the linen closet or you’re redoing “his and hers”, the sky is the limit. You can add color, custom shelving, and hanging rods, beautiful doors, and folding tables. And if you know you need to do something, but you don’t know what, contact TLC’s Remodel Team. They can help you design the closet of your dreams.