What You Need to Know About New Mexico’s H2O


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The water from your faucet may be drinkable, but is it pure?

With a geographic scarcity of water, New Mexico uses a network of underground aquifers that create about 90% of the water we use in our homes. But, when this water is delivered to our homes, it still contains mineral deposits residual from the aquifer process.

This week, we’re giving you the 411 on New Mexico’s water. From knowing the contents to water treatment, TLC Plumbing is your number one resource for better water quality in your home.

All About Aquifers

Deep under our feet, there are underground streams and lakes. Water travels to these water basins through ground saturation, going through hundreds of layers of sediment before reaching the bottom. This natural filtration allows the water to be safe for human use.

In New Mexico, we draw upon these aquifers to supply the majority of our potable water supply. But, because our landscape varies across the regions of the Land of Enchantment, not every aquifer has the same balance of sediments. This means that every water source is different and requires experienced care to provide effective water treatment.

Ground Water = Hard Water

Because our drinking water passes through so many layers of sediment, there are residual mineral deposits, causing the majority of New Mexico’s water supply to be hard. Hard water in New Mexico can contain any number of minerals, including:

  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • And more

With over 25 years of expertise in New Mexico water treatment, TLC Plumbing knows the best tools to get the best quality of water in your home. With quality water softeners and drinking water systems by Kinetico, we help you enjoy better tasting, softer water with products that are tailored to the precise balance of minerals in your water supply.

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