Top Bathroom Remodel Trends

Image of a bathroom with natural tile

If you own an older home, you may have a dated bathroom or two. Maybe you may have the peachy-pink painted walls, and peach, pink, or cream linoleum flooring. Or you’re blessed with the avocado green and brown look, or the beat up plastic shower and tub liners. Perhaps an old vanity with a plain countertop, and tired-looking wood underneath.


Bathroom Tile

Tile upgrades are among the most popular when it comes to bathroom remodels. Tile trends this year include nature-inspired designs, earth and metallic tones, and tile patterns with big and small tiles. Gone are the day of plain ceramic tiles. Options like natural stone tiles can create a natural look or glass tiles that add color and reflect light. Tile upgrades can help transform your space.


Shower Designs

There are many upgrades you can make to your shower, from tile to fixture upgrades even adding or replacing a shower door. Something to keep in mind, if you want to replace your bathtub or shower fixtures you’ll need to contact a professional plumber for assistance. If the fixtures aren’t exactly the same as the old ones, valves will need to be replaced behind the wall to fit the new fixtures.

Tile is definitely in when it comes to shower/bathtub enclosures, especially if you’re tired of that plain white shower enclosure. You can create custom designs with natural, glass or ceramic tiles. If you’re going to add custom tile to your shower, you may want to consider completing the look with a new glass door. Frameless and finished framed glass doors are very popular right now.


Bathroom Vanity

For that vanity, a sink that looks like furniture with pretty stainless steel or ceramic legs might look really nice and open up a small bathroom. Having clever storage and using it to the most is very popular. Refrigerated cabinets for medication or organic products that keep better when cool, cabinets that rotate, using the entire height of the wall are also trendy. Incorporating furniture into the bathroom, a dresser or wardrobe is also popular. Installing a sink into the top of a table or dresser has also been trending for some time. This also allows for you to incorporate a lot of different styles, from antique, to contemporary it gives a nice look and depending on the number of drawers, some extra space.


Bathroom Countertops

For countertops, no more mass produced out of the box units. Instead, look for countertops, vanities, and cabinets designed for the user. Having a counter top that exactly fits your height or comfort level and has drawers and cabinets that fit your use. Granite has always been the top seller in surfaces but this year Quartz (Silestone and Caesarstone) and ceramic is gaining popularity.



Another trend is to use a mixture of lighting styles, sconces and chandeliers, mercury glass and modern light fixtures. The lighting around the mirror helps you see while you prepare for your day, but then a chandelier over the tub or over the entire room makes more of dramatic effect. If you have the space, everyday lamps used in the bathroom can add a desired effect.


Sound Systems to play tunes. MTI StereoMTI H20 stereo makes a bathtub with hidden speakers. Or, better yet, the Moxie showerhead and wireless speaker by Kohler, for singing in the shower.

We hope we’ve given you some interesting ideas to think about. The great news is that there are so many options and colors available now that you can update your bathroom to fit your style.