Modern Bathroom Remodel by TLC (7 Photos)

Beautiful #remodeled #bathroom with #modern #woodfloor

TLC’s Modern Bathroom Remodel

Recently TLC was hired to completely remodel this master bathroom in a home built in the early 90’s in Albuquerque, NM. The owners wanted a modern take with the warmth of traditional wood. They wanted to completely rearrange the existing bathroom into a better functional layout while updating it into a bathroom they would love.  TLC’s experts completely rearranged the bathroom moving plumbing and electrical to accommodate the new beautiful layout and center the room around the free standing tub and large shower area.

A Modern Free Standing Tub

Photo of #Modern #Tub installed by TLC during a #bathroom #remodel

Modern Freestanding Bathroom

The white free standing tub was placed in front of the window to anchor the new bathroom layout.

Sun lit view of #Modern free standing #tub in #remodeled #bathroom

Another angle of the freestanding tub and faucet.

The ceramic free standing tub has a modern, sleek floor mounted faucet in brushed nickel to match the new bathroom fixtures.

Custom Walk-In Shower


Two detachable shower heads installed in the shower

The completely redesigned large shower area offers two shower heads and polystone walls with built-in recessed shampoo holders.  Custom glass shower walls were installed in a partial frameless clear glass enclosure without a door. TLC also built a shower bench along the north wall of the large shower.

Closeup of a new #faucet installed during the #bathroom #remodel

New Faucets to match the rest of the bathroom.

New brushed nickel faucets were installed to the new vanity with polystone countertops to match the polystone shower walls.  TLC also added a glass mosaic backsplash to accent the vanity.

Wood Tiles and Cabinets Installed

After removing the existing flooring in the bathroom TLC installed electric radiant floor heating before installing porcelain wood tile chosen by the owners to complete their new modern bathroom. As seen in pictures below the wood tile is laid very close together and a non-sanded grout is used to give the look of real hardwood flooring. Because the bathroom was completely gutted for the remodel TLC craftsmen built and installed custom cabinets for the vanity area.

Installation of #woodcabinet during #bathroom #remodel

Custom cabinets and vanity were built to meet the needs of the new redesigned space.

TLC installing #woodtiles in a #remodeled #bathroom

TLC installed new porcelain wood tile in the bathroom.

View of Entire Remodel

Beautiful #remodeled #bathroom with #modern #woodfloor

The completed bathroom looks amazing.

Interested in a Bathroom Remodel?

TLC is not just your local plumbing expert but we offer a wide range of services including bathroom remodels like this. If you’re looking for a remodel contractor to update your bathroom call our expert craftsmen at TLC.  From small to large bathroom remodels turn to TLC to transform your bathroom space into a space you’ll love.  TLC is licensed and bonded to perform home remodeling projects throughout Albuquerque, Rio Rancho and Santa Fe.  Call us today for a free estimate.