Why You Want to See Inside Your Drain Lines and Duct Work



With the development of technology, plumbers are now able to perform inspections of drain lines and duct work to diagnose problems quickly. But, you shouldn’t wait until a clog comes along to inspect the inside of these important areas of your home. Here’s why:

Know Your Drain Problems

If you keep having the problem with the same drain, a video camera inspection can help you prevent backups – rather than just clearing them out. Inspections help homeowners get a clear picture on how and why they are having issues so they can prevent future clogs or obstructions.

Save Money on Your Home Purchase

A video inspection of drain lines and duct work before purchasing a home could help you save a lot of money – thousands, actually. Plus, if the problems are identified before the purchase, the seller may consider paying for the repairs.

Monitor the Age of Your Plumbing

There are many homeowners out there that prefer the charm of an older home. With regular video inspections from TLC Plumbing, you can monitor the condition of your older home and get a clear timeline on potential repairs.

Keep Your Yard

In the old days, plumbers had to dig a lot more holes to get to the root of a plumbing problem. Now, TLC Plumbing can identify problems without tearing up your yard.

Reduce the Cost of Repairs

Because drains are in the ground, many homeowners forget about them until there is an acute problem. Video inspections minimize the need for expensive repairs, meaning you save time, money, and skip the stress of a huge backup.

Maximize Efficiency

Offset and cracked drains can cause serious water waste. TLC Plumbing uses video cameras that illuminate a drain’s structure so we can find any points where water might be leaking right away.

Monitor Root Growth

Tree roots can disrupt and crack all types of pipes – including sewer lines. With video camera inspections, you can monitor root growth and stay on top of it.

Fast and Efficient Repair

With a video camera inspection, our technicians can identify the precise problem and create the best repair solutions. This saves you time and money!

Better Air For Your Home

Duct inspections identify airflow problems so you can maximize energy efficiency and improve the indoor air quality of your home.

Better Business

Drain and duct inspections are a great way to determine at what frequency your business should be doing maintenance. This can save your company money on emergency services, potentially reducing a loss of revenue.

TLC Plumbing uses state-of-the-art cameras to assess the condition of your drains and duct work. After we complete the inspection, we send you a copy of the video inspection along with a report of our findings, that way you can see any potential problems for yourself before you hire a repairman.

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