How Can an HVAC/R Contractor Help My Restaurant?

Commercial water softeners for restaurants and food service

Anyone who runs a restaurant knows it’s a lot of work. From the drains to the appliances, restaurants need systems that are dependable day in and day out.

An HVAC/R contractor can do more than help your restaurant with ventilation. From the electrical system to refrigeration, an HVAC/R contractor ensures that you have dependable systems to put out your food in a comfortable environment.

Hotside Appliances

Fryers and grills need preventative maintenance to avoid unexpected problems. At TLC Plumbing, we provide a full range of maintenance and repairs to any type of hotside equipment.

Coldside Services

Keeping food fresh is crucial and creating the right refrigeration environment requires a specialized knowledge of temperature control. TLC Plumbing can help assess your refrigeration needs, in addition to designing, repairing, and maintaining refrigeration solutions for your business.

Electrical Evaluation

An HVAC contractor can ensure that your systems work harmoniously and are not overloading your electrical system. You can learn how to boost energy efficiency, too!

Grease Traps

If your business keeps a grease trap, it’s important to have it maintained regularly in order for it to be effective. At TLC Plumbing, our HVAC technicians can clean and repair grease traps so they can continue to separate oils and fats from water waste at your business.

Temperature Control

Whether it’s in the dining room or your walk-in freezer, restaurants require specific temperature control that can regulate humidity and ventilation. Our technicians can design and implement state-of-the-art thermal control systems inside and outside your business that for optimum functioning and customer comfort.


Maintaining the right indoor air quality at a restaurant is extremely important, especially if your business uses smokers, ovens, and other appliances that release carbon monoxide. TLC HVAC/R technicians can help your business maintain the highest air quality both in the kitchen and in the dining room with ventilation design maintenance, and repair.

TLC Plumbing is a licensed, bonded, and insured HVAC/R contractor serving central New Mexico. We have offered dependable plumbing and HVAC/R service for over 25 years and can service any aspect of your restaurant. Contact us today to schedule your service visit.