Benefits of Dual Flush Toilets

Image of a dual flush toilet

Over 1/3 of the water you use in the bathroom comes from your toilet. And since bathroom water amounts to almost half of a home’s total water usage, that means your toilet could be costing you money.


This New Year, cut water costs by installing a dual flush toilet in your Albuquerque home or business. Here are the reasons why.

You Have Flushing Options

Dual flush toilets have two options for flushing: high volume and low volume. The toilet only uses water when it is needed, rather than wasting gallons of water every time.

You Save Money

Dual flush toilets use almost half as much water as older toilets. That means less money on your water bill and more money in your pocket!

Easy to Install

Dual-flush toilets can be installed in any type of home or business. There are a variety of models to accommodate the size and layout of your bathroom.

Environmentally Friendly

When you use less water, you are doing your part to save the environment, especially in New Mexico, where the drought has made water more precious.

Easy Upkeep

Dual flush toilets use the natural force of gravity to dispose of waste, unlike older toilets. This reduces the likelihood of toilet clogs and makes maintenance a lot easier.

TLC Plumbing can recommend the perfect dual-flush toilet for your home or business and provides full-service installation complete with warranty. Contact us today to get started!