How do I know if I need leak detection services?

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A water leak in your home can be expensive and frustrating. Leaks can cause water damage and unusually high water bills. Don’t worry, TLC’s licensed plumbers are experts at locating and repairing water leaks. But how do you know you need a leak locator?

Common Signs you may have a water leak

Unusually high water bills

The most common reason we get calls for leak detection is when customers get an unusually high water bill. A spike in water costs when you haven’t changed your water usage can mean you have a leak.

The first thing to do is to call the Water Authority. They will come out and do a free water analysis on your system. They will check your meter to make sure it’s working correctly. They should be able to tell you whether or not you actually have a leak. Unfortunately, they won’t find and repair the leak for you.

What should you do then?

Check to make sure you don’t have drippy faucets or leaky toilets. Just one leaky toilet can be wasting gallons of water every day! Checking for a toilet leak is really easy – watch our video “How to Check for Toilet Leaks”.

If the faucets and toilets are in good shape, the leak is probably somewhere in the pipes under your house or yard.

You hear water running

If you hear water running even when the faucets are off, you probably have a leak. The same can be true if your water pressure is low or no water comes out even though you hear water in the pipes. This can cause water damage or run up your water bill.

The floor feels hot or warm

Is there a section of your floor that feels hot or warm? You might have a hot water leak under the floor. It’s possible your pets have found this warm patch to snuggle on. Have they started randomly sleeping and laying in a certain place? Check and see if their new favorite spot is hot or warm.

Smells and wet spots

A mold or mildew smell and wet spots or puddles, either inside or outside your home, can be signs of a leak as well. Make sure to get it checked out.

So you think you have a water leak. What should you do about it now?

If you think you have a water leak, you need to call a leak locator. A leak locator is a plumber that specializes in finding and repairing leaks in your home. TLC’s professional plumbers are experts in leak detection and provide 24/7 water leak detection and repair services in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho.

Water Leak

What should you expect when the plumber arrives?

Leak detection is basically a process of elimination. Your plumber will probably use a combination of electronic listening devices and non-toxic tracer gas – such as helium or carbon dioxide – to locate the leak.

How does a plumber detect water leaks?

First, the plumber will pump a non-toxic tracer gas into the plumbing system through the hose bib, also called an outdoor faucet. When the gas reaches the location of the leak, it causes the puddle to bubble or fizz, much like a carbonated drink. By listening for this sound, often with the help of electronic listening devices, your plumber can, through the process of elimination, locate the leak.

Once the leak has been found, you and your plumber can decide on the best course of action for repairs. TLC specializes in water leak locating and repairs. Call TLC today at (505) 761-9644 or Ask A Pro to learn more!