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TLC’s Commercial HVAC experts are experienced in repairing and replacing all types of commercial & industrial chillers.

At TLC we understand that your commercial and industrial HVAC needs can be more complex than residential services. That’s why we have a dedicated commercial services staff to handle all of your heating and ventilation system needs including cooling tower repair and maintenance. We focus on building long-term relationships with our clients to ensure satisfaction with our work. TLC’s qualified technicians are capable of repair and maintaining both direct(open circuit) and indirect(closed circuit) cooling towers. TLC’s team of experts are qualified to repair and maintain your cooling tower including essential water treatment to maintain proper pH levels.

TLC is your commercial cooling tower expert. Our technicians are experienced in repairing, maintaining and replacing cooling towers for a variety of commercial clients throughout Albuquerque and New Mexico. We service cooling towers at all types of facilities including:

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Cooling Tower Repair & Maintenance

TLC is your one-stop shop when it comes to your cooling tower and HVAC needs. We can take care of all the maintenance and repairs for your cooling tower and HVAC system.


We are capable of repairing direct and indirect cooling towers. We offer 24-hour service to meet your business needs.


As part of our custom maintenance service we can perform annual inspections on your cooling towers.


Water treatment is essential to your cooling tower. Maintaining proper pH, eliminating bacteria growth and scale buildup, making your cooling tower cool effectively.


Keeping your cooling tower free of bacteria is essential to the functionality of your system. We clean your cooling tower as part of our maintenance agreement.


Most chillers use water for heat transfer, water treatment is needed to prevent scale, corrosion and bacteria growth. TLC provides full-service water treatment for our commercial clients.


When it comes time to replace your cooling towers, you can count on TLC’s team of experts to guide you through the process to retrofit and replace units that meet your needs.

Legionella Concerns & Cooling Towers

Cooling towers and other evaporative condensers that have standing water can make the ideal environment for Legionella bacteria to grow. Proper maintenance and water treatment is necessary to control Legionella bacteria growth. Legionnaires’ disease is a severe form of pneumonia caused by Legionella bacteria. People get Legionnaires’ disease from inhaling the bacteria. In order to prevent Legionnaires’ disease, you need to prevent the bacteria from growing in cooling towers.

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Water Treatment is Critical To Cooling Tower Maintenance

Because water is critical to the operation of cooling towers, proper water treatment is essential to cooling tower’s functionality. If scale and bacteria buildup within the unit the water doesn’t get cooled making the cooling tower ineffective. In order to prevent scale and bacteria buildup, water treatment is an ongoing process. TLC’s team is experienced in cleaning and water treatment for cooling towers. Proper cleaning includes thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the fan housing. This can be a difficult area to control bacteria growth. The fan housing needs to be cleaned to get these hard to treat areas. Cleaning tower basins is also needed since large amounts of cooling water sit here. This water can provide a breeding ground for bacteria if not properly cleaned and maintained.