Swamp Cooler vs. Refrigerated Air Conditioning


One of the biggest reasons most homeowners in New Mexico choose to convert to refrigerated air is temperature control. As the temperatures rise you may be wondering if you should convert to central air conditioning. With temperatures reaching a high point this time of year, you can easily feel the difference in cooling between swamp coolers and air conditioning.

Swamp Cooling Temperatures

Swamp coolers cool the air in your home by pushing air cooled by water through your home. As the water evaporates in the cooler it creates a cooling sensation and that is how it cools the air.

However, compared to refrigerated air conditioning,  it can only cool the air so much and the cooling effectiveness can be affected by the following factors:

  • Outdoor temperature – A swamp cooler can only cool 10-20 degrees cooler than the outdoor temperature. That means on those really hot days when temperatures reach the 100s you’re limited by the amount of cooling you will get.
  • Indoor temperature – Sometimes it is difficult to bring down the indoor temperature in your home as well. This could be due to your swamp cooler not running properly. Or if you have an attic you could be trapping heat in your home.
  • Humidity – When outdoor humidity rises it reduces the cooling effectiveness of your cooler.

Air Conditioning Temperatures

Air conditioning temperatures are colder and feel different than swamp cooling because air conditioners actually remove the heat from the room. Because it removes heat it can cool to any desired temperature, rather than a range of cooling like a swamp cooler.

Feel the difference

If you think about it, you can feel the difference between air cooled by an air conditioner compared to a swamp cooler. With an air conditioner, you can feel the colder temperatures in the room because it is absent of heat and colder air is being blown into the room. Cooling from a swamp cooler will feel comfortable because the evaporated water is cooling your skin as it evaporates through the air, but it doesn’t affect the room’s temperature the same way as air conditioning. While a swamp cooler affects heat in the room it doesn’t remove the heat entirely.

If you’re interested in learning more about the differences between air conditioning and swamp cooling, call our cooling experts today. Do you have a question, ask our professionals.

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