Turn Your Thermostat On and Off From Your Smartphone

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Apps are awesome. From checking your bank account balance to checking your email, smartphones apps have made it convenient and easy to manage day-to-day concerns.

Now, you can control the climate of your home with the tap of your finger. The Sensi Thermostat connects your thermostat to your home wifi so you can alter the temperature of your home conveniently, even when you’re away from home.

About the Sensi Thermostat

Get complete control of your home’s temperature. Other digital thermostats have to be adjusted when you’re at home and scheduled ahead of time. Working late? Or coming home early? Controlling your home temperature has never been so easy.

Sensi gives you complete control wherever you are in your home or anywhere. From your couch to your hotel room across the country.

Why You Need the Sensi Thermostat

The Sensi thermostat has multiple benefits for New Mexico homeowners, including:

  • Save Money. You can program your thermostat to only be on when you are at home.
  • Stay Comfortable. You can always walk into a comfortable home.
  • Adjust the Temperature Easily. You won’t have to press buttons or flip switches, simply tap your phone to achieve the desired temperature, from anywhere.
  • Energy Efficiency. If you forget to turn off the heat before you leave for work, you don’t have to worry about wasted energy. You can turn it off by using your smartphone.

Must have wifi connection in your home

  • Can control heating and air conditioning systems
  • Or heating systems only if your home has a swamp cooler and a furnace.
  • Sensi comes with a 5-year manufacturer limited warranty and TLC 1 year installation warranty.

Call TLC Plumbing for Thermostat Installation

Interested in learning more about the Sensi thermostat and other programmable thermostats, TLC’s here for you. If you’re interested in installing the Sensi thermostat, contact TLC Plumbing or call 761-9644. Our technicians are licensed and certified to perform a quality installation you can depend on.