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TLC Plumbing has a team of plumbers certified to perform your annual backflow testing for your business. When you choose TLC to test your backflow preventers you can feel confident knowing that our plumbers will provide you with professional, quality service. Backflow system testing is required each year, so choose a plumber that you feel confident with and know will stand behind their work.

Why Choose TLC For Your Annual Backflow Test:

  • Certified in all types of backflow prevention systems
  • Experienced in troubleshooting backflow systems
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Commercial Backflow Testing Services

TLC has a dedicated team of plumbers who are certified and experienced in commercial backflow preventers. We test, repair and replace all types of commercial backflow systems. Businesses may have more than one system for different types of water it is important to hire a plumber that is certified and experienced in commercial backflow assembly system testing.

  • Domestic Water Backflow Preventer – This type of system prevents backflow for water that is used in a building for normal everyday water.
  • Fire Suppression Backflow System – A fire suppression backflow system is designed to keep a building’s fire sprinkler system pressurized and ready in the event of a fire. This system needs to be tested annually to make sure that the system is holding water pressure.
  • Irrigation System Backflow – If a commercial property has an irrigation system then a backflow assembly valve is required for this water source. Irrigation systems usually use non-potable water and require a backflow system to keep this water out of the municipal water supply.

Our plumbers are here when you need your backflow testing and repairs.

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The cost for a commercial backflow test depends on the size of the system.

  • 1/2″ – 11/2″: $150
  • 2″ – 4″: $250
  • 6″ and larger: $350

How do you know you need your backflow system inspected?

Notified By The City Local Water Authority

Typically you are notified by the local water authority that your backflow system is due for its annual inspection/certification. But it is up to you to schedule a backflow test with a certified plumbing company. While annual tests are required for your backflow systems there may be signs you need to have your backflow system tested prior to your next scheduled inspection the signs may be any of the following:


If you detect a leak near or at the location of the backlow preventer assembly you should call TLC to have the system inspected.

Changes In Water Pressure

A noticeable change in water pressure in your building should be investigated. TLC can perform an inspection and see if the source of the issue is the backflow preventer.

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TLC Backflow Testing Process

1) Schedule An Appointment

When you receive your notice for your annual test call us at (505) 761-9644 or schedule online. We will schedule one of our backflow certified plumbers to perform your test.

2) Perform Your Backflow Test

Our backflow tests typically take about an hour to complete unless there are other issues with the backflow system.

3) If Backflow System Passes Inspection

If the clog is unable to be cleared with the cable machine, our professional plumber will use a line with a specialized camera on the end to view the inside of the drain and locate the problem. At this point, the drain tech will describe the problem and give you options for hydro jetting, descaling, or a possible sewer line repair to fix the problem.

4) If Backflow System Does NOT Pass Inspection

If your backflow prevention system does not pass inspection our plumber will notify you and attempt to repair the backflow. If the unit cannot be repaired it must be replaced. TLC is qualified and experienced in backflow repairs and replacements. Once the repairs have been complete TLC will perform a second test to make sure the system passes the test.

5) We make sure you’re satisfied with our work

Your satisfaction matters to us. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with TLC’s service please tell us or call us and we’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re completely satisfied with our work.

Backflow Testing FAQs

Guarantees and warranties

At TLC, we offer a 90-day labor warranty on drain cleaning services.

100% Satisfaction—Guaranteed
If you’re not completely satisfied with TLC’s service within the 90 days, we promise to make it right at no additional cost.

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